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how do I find out about progress of my case?

Ring them on 03003030642. Have your case number ready

Why no one pick up the line when trying to ring ?
I have tried to contact them over the phone. One hour and a half has now been spent on waiting and no one EVER PICKS IT UP. What a lovely way to treat people
How much do you have to pay for a divorce please
Are we in UK or else where What's the point of having phone & dont answer it Take the phone your website Or say we don't answer the calls ove6m6 m Over 6 months I send divorce
From when they get the paper work how long does it take before you get a reply
My Ex is playing games at the last hurdle ie the decree absolute and my time is near for me to be able to apply for it as a reasonable time has passed 3 months and 1 day so my question is when i apply for the decree absolute is my ex informed
What's the email address for bury at Edmunds court? How do I get copy of decree absolute
Whats your email id... i want to apply for my decree... i lost my original one
how would I address a judge
I would like to get an up date on my decree absolute, my court number is BV21D15206, I sent of the paper work in December 2022, and still have not had any response.
I am divorced and need to change my surname. However embassy is requiring a wet ink stamp from the court (where my divorce was completed). What are the ways to get this stamp? No-one is answering phone, how should I proceed? Thank you.
Can I get a refund back from my application as I have filled it in 3 times now and. Now I got a letter saying that I have to do a complete new form after I paid for it all ready which was over 3 year ago so I would like my money back
Is there counter service at the court?
Do they have car park?
I think my ex-husband is in violation of our Consent Order, No. BV17D06003, dated 17.7.2018, how can I stop him?
I suddenly lost my job, the company closed branches, where I can inform you that I will not be able to pay maintenance,please email
What is the contact phone number for the st edmonds devoice court
I've been trying for quite some time to get through on the phone to speak with someone, does this number work ? Are the courts shut? Is anyone Manning the phones ever ?
How can I get another copy of my Decree Absolut ? I need it to change my address and name on my bank account and various other places ( driving license too) and Ive mislaid the paperwork in my move
How can I find out the progress of my divorce is going?
How do I get a copy of my decree absolute ? Do I need to pay for this service?
I have been waiting since August 2021 to hear from you. I paid my court fee which you were very quick to take, but we have heard nothing. It is a disgraceful situation and I want this resolved urgently, please.
Does any one have an email to get in contact as I can not get through on the phone no one ever answers.
What is your email address
I have been on hold for nearly an hour! Is there a problem reported with the phones.
How do i find out about the status of my divorce that was applied for september 2021?
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