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Foxcote Avenue, Peasedown St John Bath Somerset BA2 8SF

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How much is a hip replacement

I am doing a price comparison with Shepton mallet treatment centre. How much do you charge for a hip replacement? Ian North

Have gone down with flu unable to attend Wednesdays appointment I have deceided not to go through the treatment
do u have blood tests
Is there Disabled parking and do you have to pay if disabled?
I have an appointment at the Circle Hospital, Bath and live in Dilton Marsh and rely on public transport, advice please?
Are there any hospitals in around Taunton
Can you look at both Musculoskeletal issues and cardiac issues at the same time? I have a cardiomyopathy which has no treatment but also get issues from a possible extra cervical rib?
Do I need Need another Sav nat post code other than the one on your normal address.
Is there a bus service from Bath station to the Circle?
Does anyone know if they deal with baby delivery
How much for lens put in your eyes,
Who do I write to in the hospital with my views of my time as a patient?
does the hospital have an ER?
Do you remove skin tags and what is the cost
Near by hotels or b and b
Do it have a respiratory department
Orthopaedic surgeons who treat ACL injuries
What train station is it I need bath spa or Bathgate
I am waiting for steroid injection for my knees (both) but not able to get any appointment. I work in RUH bath my question is how much you charge for these injections
How much is a mri scan on the knee
Does Circle Bath offer ecography/ultrasound/pregnancy scans?
What is the cost of knee arthroscopy?
Does your hospital carry out coronary stent insertion? There is a very long waiting list at hte RUH, so i investigating alternative private avenues. Many thanks. Ray
vascular surgeon Devan Thavarajan
Why does no one answer phone when I press option 4 ? Not just today. I have been waiting two and a half months to get an opthalmic appointment and I am very disappointed that NHS patients cannot even get in touch, never mind get an appointment
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:57 am

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