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Victoria Road Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 3BL

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John Harding 8 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

This is the best hospital in the region; look at the scandals at Leighton (Crewe), Stepping Hill (Stockport) or Wythenshawe (Manchester) for starters. …

Molly Monks 8 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

The car park is shockingly bad. I had to drive around for 25 minutes for a space, never found one. So many cars were just circling the car park, made it very difficult to exit the car parks. Makes the hospital unusable. Receptionist said it is always this bad.

Nicole, YingTong LIU 8 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

We waited for 6 hours and we are still here!
We are not coming to this hospital again!

Macclesfield District General Hospital FAQs

how to apply for a weeks parking permit.

I. Have been. To this hospital many times

What can i do, my muscles are going thinner every where lightheaded weak can't eat much stomach pains 6 weeks now, my doctor said DONT RING 111 OR 999 THIS WEEKEND, IM VERY ANGRY, SO I DID SPOKE TOO A LOCUM DOCTOR SHE SAID I NEED ANXIETY
Where is the mri scanner depot
Where is the colonoscopy done
Any vacancy for the post of nutritionist?
Are any private rooms available at the hospital?
What are the operating hours of the out patients blood testing clinic?
Where is the ct scan department at this hospital
Is there a cash machine
Has anyone got the number to the HDU please
Can i get a copy of my birth at this hospital. In 1971
Which way is bit to orthopaedic
Where is the assessment unit
What are the parking fees?
Is it free parking for disabled people
What is ward 8 used for
what is the location code for parking outside the hospital a and e and general
what is the location code for the car park near a and e with access to the general wards
Where is the new Alderley Building?
what is the phone no. of the endoscopy department?
Can you get checked out if you have a toothache
I am a Blue badge owner who has an appointment on Friday,and have recently changed my car.Is it possible to register it on line before hand,i dont want to get a ticket.
Is the pharmacy open 24 hours
Is my car still registered as a disabled drivers car
Where do you drop outpatients off with walking difficulty
what is the phone number of the physio department
The number is wrong !!
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