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Horton House, Exchange Flags Liverpool L2 3PF

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SpicyKiller777 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

SIZLE company. They keep sending u tickets even though it has been already lifted. They don’t even read your appeals nor reply back

kym ashcroft 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I’ve just received a ccj for £425 from this company or March 2017 I’ve never been to the place they are saying I have parked I live miles away, I’ve never received a ticket or any form of correspondence from them until this today, why would …

David Wesley 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

An intentionally misleading name chosen to scare vulnerable people.

They often quote the case of Beavis vs Parking eye in a laughable attempt to …

Civil Enforcement FAQs

Surprise surprise online appeal form does not work when you try submit and there is no way to contact a real person, just by post, smell like scam.

The telephone contact is not for customer service but only for payment, there is also no options available on the website to enable communication.

Are thtese a bunch of cowboys?
Why and why I have l had this bill were is was I supposed to be at that time I want photo please Lisa elkington
I have received a letter stating i ignored their first - i never recieved that first letter, cant call them and when i try to email it bounces - how the hell do you solve that
What is e mail address
Just received a parking fine from these for parking in a free car park!! All because I didn't register my car at the reception site of the attended clinic I had an appointment for!
Trying to get in touch and cannot do so. No email address, no proper contact telephone number and appeal online doesn't work. I need to get evidence of a claim you supposedly have against me. How do I get in touch if no one is in the office?
I have agreed a payment plan through ccj.. BUT when I try to make due payment its asking for full amount. Is there a number where I can speak to them
Why are you sending me debt letters for a car I sold over a month prior to the date of incident. And DVLA have the records! Can't contact to speak to anyone just pay the debt? Come on now you are having a giggle.
I have lost my parking fine number. Please tell me how I can pay without it. Can you inform me what it is. My car reg is SN64 0TX.My name is A nn Fowler 18 Park wood Close Skipton BD23 1QW and the date of the fine was Dec 16th 2019. Thank you
still awaiting response for my appeal which i made for the pcn i had received. And i straight get a debt collection notice from Zzps. This is just a joke. U can appeal.but will not get a decision just threatening letters
I didn't actually park in a bay, but was chatting to someone. I now have a final notice. But they wont go to court, they will just repossess my car. I have queried it and told them I did not park there.How do I stop the bailifs doing this?
How do these people work got 2 PCN both of them in may 2018 I appealed against them both I believed I was in my rights to park there 1 PCN was cancelled and 1 was not even though I parked there at the same time and left at the same time
Cowboys theives. Should be closed down
I have settled my account with civil enforcement limited and would like to ensure this is reported to the court my CCJ was issued with. can someone please get back to me regarding this.
I phoned to make payment. Followed instructions. Gave my valid expiry date then line goes dead. What do I have to do to ensure payment is made.???
If you've recieved a CCJ from these people you can have the Judgement set aside fairly easily as this company doesn't follow the correct process. You will need to fill in a n244 form to get judgement set aside. Don't make the payment
I received a letter saying I had been parked on Waterloo road on 02.05.23 at 14:31 and left the following day at 13:31. I have tried to contact someone to speak about this, I was never parked I was at my son's school in Crosby at 2.30 to collect him
Wow! These guys should be investigated for creating a rabbit hole of trickery for innocent public who are visiting the vulnerable in hospitals. I have paid the balance. It says paid and i have a receipt. Yet Im still getting emails. So disturbing.
how do i transfer a ticket to a driver of the vehicle
i have been trying to appeal my parking fine,but the website will not allow me to submit my appeal??
You have kindly issued me with a CCJ which has been paid in full BUT the court want proof or payment and want a letter from them to prove it BUT there is no contact email or no way to speak to anyone... Can someone please help me
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:50 am

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