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Clatterbridge Road, Bebington Wirral Merseyside CH63 4JY

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Mark Bennett 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Fantastic hospital

john burke 7 months ago on Google
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Jaxx Carter 7 months ago on Google
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Clatterbridge Hospital FAQs

Leverhume day surgery, where do I go

Well sign posted

Is it possible to drop someone off for a procedure without car parking charges being incurred
Which site is ward m2 on?
where on the site is ward M2?
What time is visiting in park House care home in clatterbridge hospital grounds?
Where is the rehab department
where is the limb centre
Where is x-ray dept clatterbridge hospital
Where on site is the Breast Clinic?
Where is Iris ward
Are visitors allowed to visit patient?
Where is the Spring unite
were american personnel based at clatterbridge hospital?
Where on the site is Leverhulme Day Surgery Unit?
Where are the Corona virus injection being given?
Where is physiotherepy
Loo,king for postoprative bra
Where on the site is ward m1
Where is physiotherapy department?
Where is the Dermatology department in clatterbridge
Hi does anyone know what? And were the psychiatric ward is ?, and what is it called? Garry
Where is colorectal in Clatterbridge.
What's the extension number for pain clinic thanks
Where is the neurology clinic
looking for work as (house officer) Are there any posts available? Please could you email me with the relavent Manager or Materon"s phone number.
Do you have an emergency dept for changing dressings?
My husband recently had surgery for skin cancer on his head.His head & where the skin was taken from for skin graft are infected.He has medication, but the dressings need changing. Are you able to help please, Whiston hosp department is closed.
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