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12th Floor 1 Angel Square Manchester M60 0AG

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Why don't you open a funeral care in St Ann's Nottingham as there isn't the option of a co op funeral service anywhere close by. There is a building on St Ann's well road which is empty that would be ideal. It used to be a medical centre.

Is it possible to sell some of the milk in glass bottles, even just 1/4 of them would make big difference to the about of plastic used, It would also gives customers a choose if they don't want to buy their milk in plastic containers.
I'm woundering with so much plastic ending up in our oceans & seas why are the co-op still selling plastic straws & not paper ones, plastic straws are a huge issue for the Enviornment, harming wildlife, animals & even getting into the fish we eat.
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:59 am

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