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14 Ennis Square Dormanstown Redcar TS10 5JR

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how do i apply for a pensioners bungalow

Hi Ann, thanks for getting in touch. The best thing to do is register here all of our available properties are listed here and updated weekly. If you need any help at all registering, pop in to see us at: Coast & Country Housing 14 Ennis Square Dormanstown Redcar TS10 5JR Alternatively you can give us a call on 01642 771300 and we'd be happy to talk you through the process. Hope that helps

How do I make insurance claim when I pay my insurance with my rent
If isaid I want aproperty and are due to sign up for key .ca I change my mind
Do u do private repairs
Have you sent someone to my address to do an electrical check, ( Lantei )
When are they coming round to do landscape round the houses on Woodside and areas around redcar the bushes and hedges are a disgrace covering pathways????
What is your policy on rubbish in tenant's gardens
Are solar panels available to be installed on one of your properties.
When can we move back 2 flat s in church close marske by sea
How am I supposed to be able to speak to any advisor if I work,as you close way too early I feel
My husband is nit in good health and would like to move into housing association rental bungalow or ground floor flat instead of private rent he is 80 in April and uses a mobility scooter he lives in Saltburn and would prefer to stay here
Do I have to make an appointment to go into beyond housing in Redcar?
WHEN are you doing a general rubbish collection in Bankfields ? We have been waiting for years and the area is now INFESTED WITH RATS
How do I report a repair on line
Hi I'm moving in to a property today and there is no flooring down in the bathroom is it up to me or beyond housing to put it down
Just wanting to know if there are any plans to replace kitchen and bathroom on burns road before I spend money myself??
How do you get them to answer the phone godsake
Is there any out of hours number to call
Who to make a complain about loud music
When is the next driss collecting for whale hill.
When are the communal grass cutters starting please. Address Rosemary Cottages marske
How do I go about getting a copy of my tenancy agreement need it to claim housing benefits as I can't find mine Kind regards
Ball games by youths on beyond housing land. How to stop the disruption?
Can you ever own these houses?
If im in a council property could i hire a skip and put it in a parking bay over the road from the said property
Lady near me has got a rat digging into her home she is a bit bun rebbe she had stroke did call the wrong housing place yesterday they said would get in touch with you she is very upset at this it in her bathroom she is in bungalow and is very wary
How do I apply for a flat /house please as I'm being made homeless very soon thank you
What is being built on hutton grove in dormanstown
How do I apply to rent
How do I get on my home account I've tried but cannot find how to thank you
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