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Newtown Road Carlisle Cumbria CA2 7HY

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Billabong 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Absolutely diabolical service in A&E.
Collapsed on entering A&E with suspected mini stroke. My wife had to get a wheelchair. Went to reception, everything explained, then simply told to wait. Sign …

Bryan Blacklock 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

My name is Bryan Blacklock. I was transferred by ambulance from Penrith Hospital on Friday night about 7:30pm. I had a dislocated shoulder. I was scared and uncomfortable. Trying to be brave. I was welcomed with open arms and was well taken …

Richard Harvey 9 months ago on Google
( 2 out of 5 )

From a sleep apnoea patient perspective I can say that although they provide top class equipment, their communication is horrendous. It seems like every time I phone with a question or to enquire about sleep study results, equipment …

Cumberland Infirmary FAQs

Can i park at entrance while taking clean clothes to my husband

No, you need to park in car park, think its 20mins free but check board in car park first

My hearing aid needs attention can I visit the audiology department? If not how do I contact them for advice, and/or return my hearing aid to the department? Thank you
Any suggestions for hotels near the hospital please ?
Is there an emergency dentist at the hospital?
What time is visiting sat please on larch ward
What number bus goes to Carlisle hospital from market Street Carlisle?
How do you contact customer service that supplies the TV . My husband is in hospital att the Cumberland infirmary.
Looking for my birth records from December 1971 the fuse hill maternity closed down wondered if maybe they got sent to other hospital in Carlisle? Or are they lost for good?
Are hearing tests still going on?
Is there a patient carpark and are there charges?
Was there a City Maternity Hospital at Carlisle 66 years ago?
when the old maternity hospital near Edward street closed, did the babies graves or ashes get moved?
What time's are visiting times both afternoon and evening
Where are all the disabled parking spaces
Is the shop reopened
Is it possible to pay to have an MRI scan urgently?
How long to get an MRI scan
What is the direct phone number for maple ward
What time is visiting time on Larch
Where is elective care suite CIC cars like hospital
Where is the heart Centre?
Once at Cumberland Infirmary how do I get to Opthalmology Outpatient Department?
Can someone visiting the area get dialysis here?
department plan cumberland infirmery
How do I make a complaint about patient treatment?
Where is the orthopedic clinic
How come you go on list for an eye operation in January you phone up and get told June or July next time you phone you are told November so it takes nearly a year I thought you went up the list not down
What is the telephone number for reception at Cumberland hospital
Visiting willow B
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