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Can I post mail, by hand, to the actual council building in Dartford.

Yes you can post mail to the council in the box on the wall.

Can I buy my own green wheelie bin or do I have to buy it from dartford council
how do we get rid of a 2 piece furniture
Can I put garden rubbish in my green bin?
Has the refuse and recycling page been closed down
How to renew garden waste collection
Is dartford civic centre open tomorrow?
Is dartford street market open on Saturdays
Has anyone reported fly tipping to the entrance of the farm in the high street.
My flat tennant is moving out and it will be empty for refurb do I have to pay counsel tax
When will I receive my postal voting papers?
Is there a Remberance Service in Dartford tomorrow?
How can I get rid of window glass with being charged please
Can I park on sunday
how do we get some street names registered on our estate..
Do you provide a personal alarm service?
I have been living abroad for several years and have lost contact with a friend who used to live in a council flat in Dartford. I have visited but have been unable to find out what has happened to him. His name is Stephen George Burgess, he is 75ish
How can I apply for Council accommodation ? I'm private resident.
What department do I contact to get a sharps bin and have a full one collected?
Has anyone any idea how much earnings are taken into account by the council when estimating rent rebate
Good morning i know someone that just became homeless he has a job but company not open yet he just what help to find some where to live in the Woolwich area his name Lee keys can any help him .
Is there a charge for recycling garden waste?
I am planning a family get together in Central Park on July 26th 2020 . Will there be a band playing in the bandstand , is the childrens pool available and will the cafe be operating. Although born in Dartrford I am now on the South Coast,
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:50 am

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