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PO Box 411 Dukinfield SK14 9DD

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Hafiz Farooq 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Scamming, Fraudulent company. How on earth they are still operating in the UK. Sending recovery letters for a parking ticket which doesn’t even related to me.

Laura Bailey 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Terrible people apparently received a parking fine which we never got until these people sent a letter to the wrong address! Phoned up was waiting for someone to answer they didn’t so again rang up today took over half an hour to pick up …

Azhar Ali 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Absolutely vile company! Strongly recommend to do research on the matter before paying this company! They offer no help or solution! Told me there is no point me appealing as I didn’t receive the letter and the parking company wont respond …

Debt Recovery Plus FAQs

I have not received a letter from you before this one, as you stated and I do not understand your problem, there was no ticket left on my windscreen to tell me I had overstayed and how do you know what time I arrived?

I have received a parking fine other day for 160 pound for a car i do not. Own or have never owned i dont even have a license it says if they dont hear bk from me in 7 days there going to come tocmt address ?

Is there a time limit to how long these thieving gits can persue you. I know ghee is with most legal cases
So I pay this company because they seem very dodgy?
I have a letter from debt recovery plus(drp) but I have never been to that place in my life and on the date it says I was charged I was at work what do I do?
Why have you sent a letter ( which I assume is a dept recovery letter) to me when it addressed to a Mr Micheal Williams who does not and never has lived at my address.? I have returned your envelope to you un-opened
I challenge a PCN debt after legal advice. - given the presence of my twin sister who has registered disability with MS and is under active cancer treatment. I will challenge any court action. Or do you just send bailiffs?
Who are debt recovery plus?????? Tell them to stop texting people to fone them without stating why. Sod off
i have received a debt recovery letter stating i owe 170 when i parked on the car park the machine was out of order. i have proof of this (pictures) now im being threatened with court. Trying to get in touch is a joke. what do i do
So if you don't pay cause they are trying their luck what can they do? Will we get a chance to argue it at adjudication? Do they even send bailiffs if they are trying to scam
So if 3.5 years ago I sent you proof that i was not the owner of the car parked in your clients car park how come you are still writing to me, you are like a dog with a bone, very boring now, see you in court as your threatening letter says :)
I received a letter from you requesting 160 pounds for a parking fine for a car i do not own. I have a car with a different registration number. I have never been in the town were the fine was handed and the name is incomplete
I had a number of parking charges come at once because they put cameras up and I never knew and was still using my permit , I appealed and gave all evidence asked for then got a letter for each ticket saying I Did not have to pay and now I have 6
you don't give enough space for your question, is that to stop people complaining.I guess I will have to phone instead.
What's the office phone number thankyou
Who are debt recovery plus
Tried calling these guys 4/5 times last week. No answer. I am a resident in a private car park, They keep giving me tickets saying I have "No Permit" but I have my parking space agreement with my landlord- all signed and up to date. Anyone had same?
Have this awful company actually pursued anyone through court?
I received a Letter to day stating that i am in dept of 170 pounds why my invalidity badge so was shown plus the time plus i was between the parking bay lines and the best of all a warden helped me to my car.
Why have I received a demand letter saying I was parked in a private car park when the car has never been owned by me let alone registered to my address, which it states it was. By the way the name on the letter does not, has not ever lived here.
No one answers the phone. Despite email confirming my case is closed I'm still getting chased and now have a court summons. Someone help me please
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