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29-35 West Ham Lane Stratford London E15 4PH

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Harry Pottage 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Moved into a new estate and have had endless problems getting the phone connected. East Thames Homes should sort all this out prior to people moving in. By the way, Lewis Devonish and Andrea Isip either work or have worked for them, so you …

Helen Peterson 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Arguably the most suspicious and immoral organisation in existence.

ellie Miles 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Worst Housing Association ever! Me and my 3 children are being made to live in a property riddled with damp and mould, my daughter is allergic to it and my 1 year old son has asthma attacks due to it! They ignore me when i email them and …

East Thames Group Limited FAQs

No one SHOULD RENT PROPERTY from l&q they are the worst landlord EVER. SO NO STAR

She is correct. They take your holding fee and resist properties back on Rightmove

Why won't you answer phone I have been hanging on for 35 minutes still no answer
do you do work experience.
Why does it take L&Q 6months to fix things because I have to climb out my windows from now till March to feed my animals get rid of rubbish
Services are poor, L& Q wont provide services for a broken heater because he is not less than a year old. they rather he freezes to death. it's rather disheartening. I living in this property.
How do I get hold of head manger of london and quadrant
I am at present a Swan Housing tenant in Basildon. My daughter has recently become a L & Q tenant and she is very pleased. Is there any way I can get on your housing list.
Dear Sir/Madam - did you receive my letter of Friday 11 /10/19 and is there a contact I could discuss the issue with? best Steve
When the mutual exange will go on?Flats sales now on,cafe,restorants,hairdressers back to work,please give a good explain why mutual exchange can't go on?Is it because L&Q got no money from it???
Can someone please contact 1 billie holiday court nw10 8ps. No rent has been paid for 3months because you wont talk to me since my mother died, i have 2 young children under 6 and am terrified we will be put on the streets
It quite amazing how many people who have been ripped off by lq housing people need to get in contact with the housing ombudsman service the more they know what has been through with lq the more they will investigate them and from what I have seen
Why is it that lq have been steeling money from tenants . If you have credit on your account they refused to return back to the tenants even when the housing benefit office states that no over payment have not logged on my account
Can you please provide your Email address
what is your customer service email
do you rent property from private landlords
Is there an emergency phone number for plumbing
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