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A4 & A5 Fergusons Way Kilbegs Road Antrim BT41 4LZ

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Have lost my firmus gas top up card and can't find aniwer within 5mile radius that sells them. Help if any please. Will order new cards to b sent out ASAP but what if anithn can I do in meantime? Just freeze haf to death?!

Have lost my card Mickey ruddy 51 rathcurin Warren point Newry co down n lreland

Can I buy gas online
Can I top up my gas using my bank card?
Why does no one answer these questions!?
My boiler is coming on by itself but the radiators are not heating and the water is not being used. Why?
Can I set up a D/D with Firmus Gas?.
Can i pay for my gas on line
My sons lost his top up card can he use mine
I have 370 units on my gas meter, can you tell me how much in money that's worth ?
Can you pay for your top up online
Can I top up till i get elect and take it of me when i get it
I have lost my card with 20 pound on it is their any thing I can do
How much is 490 units
How much does gas cost cheaper than oil Sent from my aidzo
We live in a 1 bedroom flat and we are spending about 35/40 pounds a fortnight, this seems alot to me. What are your opinions please x
I heard on social media earlier today that gas customers should submit a meter reading on 1st Oct when the price hike kicks in to avoid being overcharged in future bills? Is this necessary?
if i have already topped up my gas at the old rate will i be losing out when the new rate applies
Can anyone tell me with the gass increase coming into force on the first of April, the gass I already paid and units on my meter will they be used at the old price thar ice bought them at or increased to the rise price which means less units
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:50 am

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