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Emperor House 2 Emperor Way Doxford International Business Park SR3 3XR

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Steven Tribe 6 months ago on Google
( 3 out of 5 )


Bj Trotter 6 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Rubbish place

Mojtaba Aghamohammadi 6 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )


Gentoo Group Limited FAQs

Should I sue gentoo for not reducing clashing of lift I've endured for two year now have severe anxiety lift mechanism yards from my bedroom wakes me up 5.30

Depends on what lift you on about

Should I sue gentoo then employ lift contractor and manager who wont repair clashes about 100 time day loudly wakes me through night starts clashing yards from my bedroom from usually 5.30u til 1pm often advice appreciated h
I am in a Gento flat and was wondering if I am able to apply for properties. If so why can I not access my original account?
Do gentoo do building works repair for gentoo houses bought
Do Vento have a painting service
Can I get a water meter fitted.?
Does council tax still need to be paid on a property when the owner( not tennant) passes away and no one is living in the property until a sale is made.
How do I look for houses where am from before l go with Gentoo
can i paint windociles
Do gentoo help with garden for older disabled people?
Are gentoo tenants allowed to operate taxi Business from home?? Also outside other people's property?? Parking up to 15 times daily. Many thanks. Xx
Why is it that it takes weeks to get any repairs done? I have rain coming in through the roof; running down the walls into the window frame, causing damp and ruin my blinds/ curtains, not to mention the wall paper.
Have you any highrise flats north of river
Does Gentoo think it's acceptable that in 2021 it has homes that still don't have double glazing? I ask on behalf of a friend who has been a tenant in the same house in Springwell Sunderland SR3 for over 30 years.
What is mobility rating g
Is 8 year a long time to wait fom a 2 bed Bungalow. I am 77
Why are Gentoo areas a mess.. Walls down . Litter.. Weeds.. Motor bikes.. Dirty.. They were selected tenants... Why have you no control over private let's and the people they put in them
How can I report a repair when they are telling me currently experiencing high volume of calls since last week
Are Gentoo tenants allowed to operate taxi business from there property. Parking up to 15 times daily at neighbours property???
Can I buy my house
Can I buy my bungalow
hi if you rent one of your homes and get help with rent ,can you invite refugee to stay with you ,or will it affect my rent and council tax reduction.
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:57 am

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