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Du Cane Road London Greater London W12 0HS

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Erika Tallin 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

This place is heinous!! Hammersmith centre for health, nothing but incompetence. Two Sunday’s in one month and the nurse just ‘didn’t turn up’!! Can’t believe people like that are in healthcare. NHS = embarrassing!!

Morange Fave 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Dr shovlin was excellent I can not thank her enough put my mind at ease and the lung lab team for very patient with me and luckily everything was ok and thankyou to the lady that done my bubble scan she was very good with me and wrapped me …

Jess Skillz 7 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

Do they do bone marrow transplants for sickacell people my girlfriend is sick with sickacell and I’m in USA and I can’t call the hospital to get answers I need answers if so that be the best news of my life

Hammersmith Hospital FAQs

Is this a public hospital or private? And how much it cost for a delivery c_selection

Hammersmith Hospital run by NHS but also deal with the private as well

How do u get from Hammersmith station to Hammersmith hospital?
who do I write to regarding a serious complaint for treatment received
Does this hospital have a Accident and Emergency department?
is it quicker/easier to use NORTH entrance for renal dept appointment ? arriving by taxi from uxbridge middx
Is the Hospital within the congestion charge area of Londo? What is the closest tube station outside the charge zone?
What are the visiting times on john humphry word
My Mom was paraliesd in last 5 year's Just let me know.How much cost of treatment and physiotherapy.What the process?
Where is the best place to park when visiting Hammersmith hospital?
Can you get hospital transport when you have a chronic lung condition and on on oxygen
How to get there from Oxford Steet
Can partner stay up hospital with you?
Is there a phone number to find out about someone that in the hospital thanks
I am in southall and i want to go Hammersmith hospital which easiest way i can go by bus or by train
Do they give free attention to EU citizens regarding primary assistance like kidney pain or similar?
is there any parking for disable
What time is it 12am is it afternoon. Or midnight bcs i have appointment and i wondering if it's midnight
Where is MRI unit in J block from Du Cane:Road entrance
Is number 7 going to Hammersmith hospital?
How do I get there by public transport
(Translated by Google) Whether emergency help is provided (Original) Czy nag?a pomoc jest udzielana
(Translated by Google) Do you do heart transplants? (Original) Fate trapianti al cuore ?
What are you visiting hours
what is the waiting period for ablation procedure of hart
What kind of ward is hammersmith sainsbury level 4?
Can you please let me know the email of hammersmith hospital in london so that I can ask a question?
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