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Gooner Ali 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

#Harlow (See for yourself)

John Butterworth R1955 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

A nice place to relax

Dario Mz 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

THIS time around was a great service

Harlow Council FAQs

What are the rules on keeping your front garden presentable if there are any?

Dosent seem like it

who is my councillor for harlow. kingslands/
Are the dustbin men really supposed to shout up and down the street and make noise when emptying bins at 7.40 in the morning?
When n how to apply bus pass?
When are bins being collected
Does anyone know if there is a recycling scheme for old pvc double glazing in Harlow?
When is the council open for business after Christmas
will the council take my old microwave oven without charge?
Looking at a mutual exchange, i have a secure tennancy, other occupants have i believe a assured tenancy. Do I keep my secure tenancy when or if i move or do i take there assured. Ive had conflicting information about this
Will the harlow tip take my old mattress
Can I get a replacement birth certificate from here?
Where do batteries go
I am a leaseholder. I need a new front door will harlow council be able to help
Purchased Dried Prunes 500 g (Aldi) Best Before date Nov. 2022 When opened some prunes look moldy. Certainly a white 'extra' on some. How should I bring this to the notice of HDC because Aldi have not responded.
is it right number 43 manor hatch close got his son living there?
How much do the council charge to take away a sofa
Name of chief executive?p
Who do I see about replacement bus pass as my handbag stolen?
Where is the petition to save the paddling pools in harlow parks
John Jones is a homeless 57 year old man who up until today (09/02/18) was living in a caravan in a quiet area, until today at 10am Harlow council removed his caravan without any real justification or plans to rehouse him or his two dogs. Disgraceful
Who do I speak to about imposing trees
Ask possible to get a poo bin on feild which Was training for rugby .As regular dog walkers we clean up after our dogs but some people aren't doing so .
who do i speak to about the rent arrers
I have just required an allotment and a lot of garden rubbish was left, will harlow council pick the garden rubbish up if they are in council bags.
Just would like to thank Harlow Council for doing a really good job in keeping Harlow's main roads into town as clear as possible during the recent snow.
How high can u put a picket fence at front of proprety
How do I get a Disabled Parking bay permit?
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