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Timea Szarkova 7 months ago on Google
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Excellent care

Imran Khan 7 months ago on Google
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Bad service!!

Je Frem 7 months ago on Google
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Poor service and staff unable to help

Hospital For Tropical Diseases FAQs

Do they deal with identifying Tetanus? There is a risk with me having the vaccine and I am on watch and wait from a foot wound.

Yes. Anything that can be contracted overseas can be tested here.

Can one get to see a doctor for diagnosis/ treatment by going to the outpatients or A and E?
The parasite I caught when I was on holiday was called Trichinosis, so do they treat this species of parasite at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, if not what hospital treats this condition
what is the closest underground station tothe hospital of tropical diseasea capper street ?
My daughter has had the bacterium Brucella abortis diagnosed and her symptoms are now chronic. She has researched what treatment she needs but cannot obtain it locally. How can she get an appointment and would the hospital be able to treat it
We're getting conflicting advice for risk of malaria in komodo. Fit for travel say high risk, nathnac say low risk. How do I know which advice to take?
Where were you in the tropics?
Can I send a sample for analysis'? Also have another with photograph.
Do they still have a free travel vaccination clinic please Kind regards
My daughter has had the bacteria citrobacter freuindi diagnosed through a stool test which was sent to the states. Does anyone know if this hospital treats this and how to get an appointment? I know it is not an easy bacteria ti eradicate.
What is the Treatment and cure for processional caterpillar on humans? My daughter has been infected over circa 40% of her body. Should she go to her local hospital or come to you, as she is just 30 mins away?
I have a bite below my eye & the whole eye socket is swollen and red. 3Drs have seen it but it is no better after 16days. No itch with bite but socket is painful. Please help. Thanks Ann.
diagnosed with "Laten TB' and given medicatio. I asked if the TB had anything to do with the fact I had Tropical TB 25 years ago. my specialist said he had never heard of it and he's the specialist. could it be that still in my blood stream?
do you treat Duedenal Ulcers
Do you deal with gulf War syndrome
How much is a private consultation with the best infectious diseases doctor you have there? Urgent appointment tomorrow please?
Cont. in Gambia show nothing unusual. I was working hard physically out there & continue to do so here but take plenty of rest too. Thought I was maybe overdoing it out there as generally felt far younger than my 66 years. Any ideas anyone?
Cont. some kind of allergic reaction to the pollens in the grasses during the prolonged rainy season. In October I got a tick in my leg & was given antibiotics for what the doctor thought was an infected bite. After a week or so it turned out to be
I was living in The Gambia throughout 2020 & started suffering from extreme physical weakness mostly affecting my legs & feet which felt like rubber & were hyper sensitive to touch. This was way back in July last year & I initially thought it was so
What are the after effects of sores caused from falling on fire coral
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