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Sixth Floor Blue Star House 234-244 Stockwell Road SW9 9SP

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What can i do? I cannot get through to my housing officer (gina i think her name is) (it was ronke) I've tried her number for weeks and it goes straight to voicemail everytime. It is a matter i want dealt wirh urgently and asap

How do I write a complaint about staff? Suzette was incredibly rude and disrespectful on the phone and refused to help me. Was very sarcastic I'm not happy
H4W are threatening me with eviction if I do not pay a months rent in advance which they know I cannot afford. They are causing us so much suffering & ill heath with their constant threats & men they keep instructing to disturb us at home.
Help am being stalked incessantly by my neighbour. Beaten black and blue by my boyfriend who thinks I've been up to something with him. Don't know how to get out of this situation? On benefit and no money to move. Scared.
Can I get a safe place to stay in your Housing for women, as I experience a domestic abuse and I need to move to some secure place. I am a British citizen, working, need help and support. Can I book an appointment? Thanks.Katia Paris
How do I apply fir affordable housing please
i live with my oap mother she is concerned that if anything should happen to her would i be exspected to vacate the property
Since when did it become policy to stop people entering our building outside & asking what number they live at? Complete data protection breach yet again!
Why do H4W not inform their tenants of contractors they book? Tenants have a right to know why and who is attending their home. Deliberately not informing tenants just proves how incompetent they continue to be.
Housing for Women why do you keep mentally and emotionally abusing me? Abusing vulnerable tenants and causing harm is illegal!
How can I make a formal complaint that will actually be acknowledged?
I have a duvet which is 3 weeks old, can I donate this? It is a double duvet in good condition
How we contact to the housing for women if they don't return my calls and my emails also I have got urgent and specific informations about my rent.
Can i as a h4w tenant,swap with a council tenant?
Hello I am trying to contact the centre I am just waking up.My partner is not usual aggressive but he attacked me till I was sleeping.I protected my self this time.Could I do it twice?Anyone help?
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:50 am

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