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Anlaby Road Hull East Riding of Yorkshire HU3 2JZ

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Mahatma Gandhi 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

A monument to the superhuman effort of those who work in healthcare, they always try their hardest with what resources they have and no doubt have eased the suffering of tens of thousands of people; despite personal experiences the gravity of the place always puts this into perspective

Luke Ridpath 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Massively shorted staffed from nurses and doctors right through to security! Cigarette smoke blown in your face outside the door as you try to enter then huge waiting times to be assessed, even with a 2 week old baby! The staff nurses and …

Tracey Williams 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

My sister was rushed into A & E due to a severe medical condition. Needed to stay in there until a bed became available at the assessment unit? Offered no drink and hardly checked in on. I understand this is a very busy hospital but to lack of staff the care was appauling. Nurses was rushing about doing their best all night.

Hull Royal Infirmary FAQs

What are the waiting time in a and e

There are too many factors involved to give a definite answer as each day, and even each hour of the day, demands on A&E vary. I'm afraid you turn up, log in using the self service terminal, then await your turn. But should an emergency occur, traffic accident for example, then that will take priority and it may affect everyone's waiting time. Unfortunately waiting a few minutes can seem like eternity so something to read may help, even if you do feel ill.

Will they take in bed patients? That hasn't had covid or booster jab. As i think I've got copd. And need proper care. Many thanks
Visiting time ward 40 ?
What are visiting times for ward 200
What time is visiting on ward 10
Occasionally therapy what's the phone number please
Please can you tell us where the orthoptic dept. Is?
New car parking system how does it work
What department do I go ear aid tested I have got appointment
Is their contact between an emergency ambulance crew and emergency room staff in A/E
Where is ward 36 at HRI How do we get to it?
Hello I wanted to ask if there would be a place for you to have dialysis three times a week I am from Lithuania and I want to come on holiday for three weeks. And what kind of document would you accept for her then?
Is Mr Ashok Pathak is working here or else was working for this hospital as a orthopaedic senior sergun
If you have a phobia of dentists and has left you with needing top & bottom dentures will they help you
How can i check when i had my Aorta operation, please. Cant remember if it was 2010 or 2012.
Hi i live in grimsby I'm having a leg op soon at hull royal i have been worrying about getting to the car afterwards is there a pick point i will not be able to walk all the way round to the car park thanks
Is Hull University Teaching Hospital,Hull Royal Hospital.if not where is the teaching hospital ?
Where's a and e at hull royal
What if any is the disability parking charge at Hull Royal Hospital
How is someone supposed to contact the hospital for news on loved one. The telephones just ring out contantly
Has Hull hospital got a BMI limit for hip replacements
When is visiting times ward 11 , how many people are aloud in
What are visiting times?
Name of Spinal Trauma Surgeons in Hull?
Can I volunteer at the hospital as a nurse
Telephone enquiry numbers to A & E ?
Telephone enquiries ? My brother is in due to fall from his bike, how can I get information on him ?
Ward 8 phone number
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