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Who to call out of hours when toilet is blocked

We have a 24-hour repairs hotline for emergencies. Tel: 01274 257003

Can i have a dog in my home
After how many years we can buy incomunities houses is it three years or five please
Can I pay my rent at this office?
How do i report neighbour's??
Hi! I'm a new tenant. There is no pipe to the outside. I cannot use a water at home. It is a joke?
I would like to re arrange a visit from yourselves. In a letter from you it says you will be visiting my home on the 10th August 12.00, It would be more suitable for you to come early September. Thanks
Who to call for boiler repair
Do the houses have a cooker in when u first move in
How long can incommunties leave me and my two 10 year old children without washing facilities, its been 2 days now, they keep saying the plumber is coming then I get a phone call to say he can't make it sink and bath completely blocked
Who do I call or report to if I have been living in your house without hot water for 2 months now? Everytime someone comes to repairs nothing is changing, its so sad the way I'm living with my daughter.
Who do I call to make another appointment for gas checks
Is the office open now from Monday to Friday?
Who do i contact with regards to trees that are overhanging my property xx
Have been trying for weeks to speak to someone and unable to get through.
I was looking to move how do i go about this
Can I move in with my mum to care for her? I don't work due to my own health problems.
Hi anyone know if the housing take away unwanted items I have a mattress that I need taking a way I am disabled and don't have anyone to take it away
I want to buy a piece of land that is adjacent to my property and I believe in communities own it. Can anyone help with which department to contact please?
Why are curtain rails removed from vacant properties? I used to be able to fix them myself, but I am not able anymore as I am 76. I moved in to a bungalow a month ago and still have no curtains or blinds, this is so distressing!
After how many years can buy incomunities houses
Who do I complain to as I have sent many emails to the income team but no one has replied
How can you get a copy of your housing benefit
I wish to register in incommunity group to rent a home. How can I get a reference number to complete registration?
Anyone know when new homes wil finish been made anvil court manningham area? And who can bid for them ? Ive been waiting for a 2bed room house for several years both on old and new housing site im struggling.
Please can you tell me who cuts the grass nobody been yet and mine is getting too long
Do you have any flats or houses in clayton please
How do I find out my property borders
Who do I complain to when the repair computer goes wrong?
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