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Greenfields House Charter Way Braintree CM77 8FG

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Clive Stewart 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Brilliant people and facilities

Patryk Dabek 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Wonderful place very friendly professional friendly staff , highly recommended

Ao K 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Staff are incompetent. Trained monkeys could do a much better job!

Greenfields Community Housing Association FAQs

Do I need permission to have a smart meter fitted?

No I had one fitted, didn't even think to ask Greenfields, but if it gives you peace of mind, just ring Customer service, they are always helpful and supportive. Hope this answer helps.

Can i be adding to my mum rent card as i been living with her for the past 12 years
Handing down tenancy to a family member what are the rules
Do i need landlord permission to install a smart metre?
I would like to have access to third party form. Can you help here? Regards,Peter Osborn (on behalf of Mr Maurice Collins)
Will you please confirm the name of the company you are using to survey my bungalow re, replacing the roof and any other work needed. I have received a request from Pennington Coices to survey next Monday, please confirm this is ok. Thank you
When do they start collecting the green bins again please.
Green Field do not like disabled people and lean different
Can a single working person get accommodation with Greenfields
do we still get 2 rent free weeks at Christmas
Is my housing benefit taken out of my account or do i have to set up a direct debit on a monthly basis?
My husband has a spine injury and can only work part-time now and we are in process of losing our house is there anyway we can be put on housing list as will be homeless very doon
I'm a Greenfield tenant for many years can you ring me in the morning please
Hiya who do I complain about the car's parking outside mine on the grass when they are not suppose to when there is a car park right near
How old are the houses in Wheatley Avenue Braintree?
Please can you tell me who is in charge of pets in a Greenfield
Hiya what can I do about a noisy neighbors
Which are the dates of the 2 was free rent for December 2018
Do the two rent free weeks apply if tenant is in receipt of housng benefit?
Im dyslexic and they wont send someone out to help me read my meter readings for gas and electric. In debt and they dont consider it an emergency how do i complain?
How do you apply for social housing Eastleigh
Can I get help with my rent thanks in advanced.
Do I need permission to put a summer house in my garden
Hi how do I get a form to get my partner on to contract please
I wish to install a sattelite dish on my rented property ..can't find the link on the website ..please can you help
How pay garage
What do about kid below is kick ball over fence line keep doing it
Why carnt I log into eastlight all I keep getting is failed login
Can I ask you how much would I pay with my bungalow if I wanted to buy
How long b4 you have to hand keys in after moving to a new house.
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