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602 Cumberland House 80 Scrubs Lane London NW10 6RF

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Why have you changed your telephone number to a premium rate number

Not answering as well. Saying they are closed too. Awful service

I have been told by my garage that the tracker unit in my Jag XF 3.0 is causing a continual major drain on my battery.This they say, has resulted in my needing a new battery. Has anyone else had any issue in this respect?
I am a By Miles customer (car reg J44 POM). My question is how much will it cost to include my son-in-law on my policy for either 24 or 48 hours during the weekend of September 24th/25th Regards Peter Haswell
How does this work?
How does it work
Hi do you insure in N. Ireland?
I am thinking of taking a comprehensive car insurance with you. Do you cover me to drive any vehicle not owned by me on third party cover, as most other policies do? Regards Steve Edmunds
When will it be available in Northern Ireland?
Why is my insurance gone up?
Please can you tell me if i have insurance with you. I have been trying to call your telephone number but it is not working and hasnt been for three days
My son, who lives in the US and has a US licence, is visiting me for 3 weeks in December. Can I add him to my car insurance for the period he is here. He is 48 and has a clean licence.
Can someone e tell them not to hide their phone. I can smell a rat from afar
QUOTE ByMiles owner: Our policies are designed for lower mileage drivers who typically drive less than 10000 miles a /Q I drive less than 1000 miles per year, why can't you answer the question? Maybe because you charge too much for miles on top?
Can another driver who is insured for another car, will he able to drive my car for 2days.
I take small car on trailer behind my motorhome a road. If the small car insured by miles how will time being towed be charged?
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