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4 Europa Boulevard Birkenhead Merseyside CH41 4PE

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Thomas Day 6 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

very helpfull and easy to talk to.

Allan McIntyre 6 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Friendly, helpful and professional! Couldn’t ask for anything more!

Robert Woźniak 6 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Great, frendly and helpful company.Highly recommended.

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Absolutely disgusting company ...they send out their gorillas to my pregnant daughter .who has already lost one baby ... Refuse to let her do payment plan after defaulting ...due to her partner been on the sick due to mental health problems. tossers

Well they didnt win this time ...lol ....

I have been pushed to the limit with Jacobs and their bully boys to the extend I almost died but they have no interest in anything you tell them
Keep your door shut keep youyr window shut and speak dierectly with Council tax or the debtor i did and Jacobs were told in no uincertian termds BACK OFF JACOB IS NOT ALLOWED TO DO WHAT HES DOING
Dear Jacobs, as you review these reviews..... Do you not sit and think.... Wow I'm such a massive c**t arnt I...... Takes a special kind of sadistic moron to intimidate people in finincial hardship.....must have been bullied at school ?????
I wish I had read all these before. I have currently been paying Jacobs for council tax from 2015 to 2016 when I had severe domestic issues and pneumonia these bills were in my ex husbands name but now there harassing me for payment.
I'm currant been threatened by them... I'm scared they might actually do something! ! I phoned them up loads of times but they don't listen or care that I can't pay in full and I'm not allowed a repayment plan... So I don't know what to do now !!!
Had a letter off Jacobs saying that I owe money for a parking fine back in 2016 and now they have passed my account to the removal team to remove goods, can they force entry??
Jacobs are the worst company ever
Saturday morning 6am and knocking ar my door? Thought it were 8am by law?
I'm having to deal with these again but it doesn't make it better that they keep ringing and threatening to come out 24 hour notice. They good at scaring people with young families and making them cower behind our doors
Season keeps getting letter s. From. A. Prices. Address who doesn't live here movie out 9months. Ago. The person. The. People who live here. Don't her. We're about. Ivan. Give. The ref number 20558169traffordmbc. 42552684
can jacobs force entry into your home
Can jacobs enter your property if they have a warrant?
What can Jacobs take from your house
I offered to pay 40 a month to clear some council tax debt and they refused. They wanted 60 a month which I can't afford as i am providing for my baby and I'm out of work. I have severe mental health issues which this has lead to
I have missed a few repayment plans with them but they offer me a big repayment plan only and I cannot afford it.!! And I keep getting letters threatening me and when I do phone up its the same story they wanting me to pay in full... ??
These are ruthless and not professional at all I was threatened in a way of a k.oneill do not answer the door as this one demands money they need closing down
Why do you advertise Step change on your website then refuse to accept what they recommendation?
They are very rude with the people ....they only shouting and screaming at you....they dont have understanding and compassion....I think they bosses and manager they must to make them a trenning regarding how to speak with the people.....
why the hell should i do your job you are looking for howard i am michael he is my farther he lives in france like i said last year before i moved house. to witch i wounder what law you broke to get my persoanal data.i hav been through this last yea
This company is vile sending me letters saying warrant to prison for 500 quid council tax bill I hadnt paid but offered 20 pound a month to pay it back n they refused I have young children so I've actually been fearful of what they would do to me
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:57 am

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