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Lisa Travers 7 months ago on Google
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Hello I'm a 13 years old and I was wondering if I could go to this gym to gain muscle?

Dude your body is still growing and you're likely to cause some damage if you don't develop properly and train the right way. Just got to the gym and exercise by swimming and cardio stuff. Eat well and the rest will follow. Don't do weights now and be patient. If you don't, you'll hate it when you're in your 30yrs with bad knees etc. 38yrs speaking from experience.

When is the pool open in the evenings for adult lane swimming?
How much is a normal adult gym membership? The website is kinda useless
How do you go swimming. Rules on changing & showering.
How long is the main pool?
Does it have a steam room
Are pensioners rates available?
Do you have to pay to use the basketball courts? And if so how much?
Is the pool open as normal today?
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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