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Emily Groves 7 months ago on Google
( 3 out of 5 )

This place is crazy looking – but I liked it! It’s like a fake post-modern beach with a massive slope – really interesting interior design. It is very quiet in the morning and a reasonable price for a non-member swim, but the pool was almost too hot for me to swim properly.

S F 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Despite having a full membership for a long time my severe disabled son was asked to pay to go to cafe. The manager was repeaditely picking on disabled child making him scared as membership team “forgot” to update system. When Ms Nausheen …

Claire Mccallum 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

It’s a shame you only have an hour slot .my daughter has three kids to get ready for swimming and an hour in the pool is not long enough and not worth the money .it’s quite expensive just for on hour . We have since gone to another pool that is well worth the money with no restrictions . It’s a greedy scheme

Latchmere Leisure Centre FAQs

Does latchmere have a wave machine?

Haha ask the maccabees

How much is it for an adult swim? Is there an off peak time?
Hi, what is the price for "pay as you go" ,please? I don't want a memberships. Thank you.
How much is it for a child swim
Swimming for kids price
Is there consession prices for over 65's at swimming pool
Which age kids can swim alone and parent watching?
Is there a student discount for swimming?
What is the cafe opening times?
When will the showers and locker rooms be open again?
Are kids allowed to come
Hello.showers is closed in swiming pool?
Does it have flumes?
How much does it cost to play in the swimming pool?
How much are floats and swimming noodles ?
I have freedom pass is it free to get in
How do you book
What time is the pool open for the public?
How can we book children classes online for summer? Your website is not working well :-(
The sauna is open and what do I have to do?
I ask swimming open ? For my children really miss swimming
Whats the price for a 15 year old to go swimming by themselves whilst being supervised by someone who isnt swimming
What are the price kids older
Is the swimming pool open for children or is it just for lane swimming..and is the softplay open
Is sauna open??
I am an old customer, what do I have to do now to return to the latchmere center?
When is latchmere leisure centre opening for classes?
Is the swimming pool open to use now ? Thanks.
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