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Galsworthy Road Kingston Upon Thames Surrey KT2 7QB

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Lisa Smith 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Disgusting treatment of my sister with pancreatic cancer.
Still waiting for a bed with life threatening blood clots over 24 hours but no one even checking on her! …

Janet Cohen-Mayne 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

We received world-class care at Kingston A&E last night when our son was admitted via ambulance with severe blood loss. From the nurses and registrars who worked to stabilise him to the amazing paramedics who arrived in 6 minutes treated …

Passive Blessings 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Racism is prevalent in the Maternity unit. It is very sad. I stood at the entrance and watch the reception white staff allow all the white people without questioning them and then watch Black and Brown people come to the same reception goes …

Kingston Hospital FAQs

Is the X-Ray department walk-in? Is it near the main entrance?

No x-ray is not a walking service you must goto casualty first to get an x-ray and only if the Dr thinks you need it.

Which entrance and car park for Esher wing
Where is the audiology department at Kingston Hospital
How is the health of Harith?Cancer is a disease
Where in Kingston hospital I can do whooping cough vaccination?
Who is the surgical Oncologist in this hospital
Is the dental department open for walk in toothache
do I need to register on a web site ref an upcoming phone appointment ? If yes, details please
(Translated by Google) I fell down on the street today, the right denomination, the lower part of the right eye, the right hand heel pain, and the left knee is bruised. Can I go to the emergency room for medical treatment? (Original) ???????????????????????????????????????????
How can I go to city scan department
How can I go to CT scan
Do I have to register my blue badge in advance of parking at the hospital?
How do I contact the Neurology Department?
Where is the cardiac investigations department?
where is the ENT department situated
I am in dental wisdom tooth pain - my surgery is not giving any appoint- is there a walk in center - can i just come and see the doctor please
Do I have to call beforehand
Is there car for workers?
Is Kingston up on Thames a&e open for accidents?
How do I change the registration number for blue badge at Kingston hospital
How is the health of Harith?Cancer is a disease
What is the number for admissions
Do I will have to born my babe front of the reception?
Where is the pedestrian entrance to the eye hospital? What is the walking route from Norbiton station?
How about job as healthcare provider?
What should my husband bring in for his day surgery appt. in Canbury ward
Where do I get a covid test,required prior to a procedure booked for Wednesday 11 Feb?
Do I have to book for a chest X-ray
Where is Esher Wing located
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