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Leighton Hospital, Crewe Cheshire CW1 4QJ

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John Gibbon 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

After a few days of feeling unwell i thought i better attend A and E at Leighton as this is my local Hospital.
Firstly the triage process was quick and easy. Staff polite and friendly. …

Robert Ganner 4 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

This Hospital is one of the best in the area but there are to many Chiefs and not enough Indians. The general Nursing Staff are great but some higher Nurses seem to be a little stuck up themselves and forget once they were student nurses …

sam Harley willmore 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

No words can disgraceful this place is if I could afford go private I definitely would!!!! I’m not saying the whole hospital but a&e is an absolute joke especially letting kids waiting for hrs in pain no regards for there suffering and pain an absolute disgrace

Leighton Hospital FAQs

What time is visiting on ward 9

They say 6pm to 7pm

What time is visiting time on ward 14 on Sunday
Do you need an appointment for a blood test? I do have the blood test sheet from my Dr but can not get a blood test done at my surgery before my appointment with him next week.
parking at leighton hospital
Can I bring flowers to a patient in ward 2
What is the visiting time for Ward 12. Is it a general ward.
Where is the eye care centre in Leighton hospital
What time is visiting on ward 6
Where about is The Fracture Clinic at Leighton?
Do you take used Zimmer frames and toilet frames?
what time is visiting on Ward 18
What are visiting times at weekends at Leighton hospital
Where is the fracture clinic
How to get to the car park by the treatment centre.
has leighton hospital got fax machines ,for office use
Ward 1 opening times
How long does a urine sample for testing last once in sample tube?
Is there a cash dispenser in Leighton Hospital?
What are visiting times
What time is visiting on ward 10
how to contact A&E dept
What is ward 10?
Hello everyone!! Is there a campsite near the hospital where I can go with my Motorhome? Coming from up north to visit my mum?
Ward 14 what is it for and visiting time x
Is Mehta in the main hospital
How to contact P.A.L.S. Leighton Hospital Crew
Does anyone know the direct number for the Fracture clinic at Leighton please?
what is the price range in the cafe?
Can you explain why Sajid Javid was allowed to visit the hospital when I cannot visit my wife. Is this another use of flexible rules.
Does ward 12 allow visitors now?
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