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Mariner House Galleon Boulevard Crossways Business Park DA2 6QE

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Caleo Lindo 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

This is my first time getting a shared ownership and have been looking for a while and have had a difficult time with other housing developments. However, I met with Harry M at the Shared Ownership open day and he has been the biggest help …

Neale Dodd 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Our first experience of part share purchase with Moat, due to move into our new home this month. The process was supported throughout by Sarah Dodd ( no relation !! ), we would like to pass on our thanks to Sarah for all of her help and would recommend Sarah and Moat for any people considering a purchase in the future.

Michaela Friend 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

A big thank you to Josh & Edith at Moat for guiding me through each stage of the process, and keeping me informed along the way. As a first time buyer it was all very daunting but the reassurance from them both helped me immensely. Looking forward to a new chapter

Moat Homes Limited FAQs

How do we vote against Moat for the next award shambles as I think most residents are disgusted such an awful company is being lauded for it's abuse/neglect of the poor?

Yes very poor I agree with you and trading standards should be invoked there not good at all if I known how bad they are I would have never had bought from them

I have been trying to log onto the Moat website all morning with no success, I wanted to pay some rent, I am now going to have to call to pay which will cost me, not the first time this has happened, not happy!
I'm trying to find the history of Moat Homes, how & when it started, who came up with the charity idea etc. I've asked Moat for this information but was told they don't know how it started and there's no info they can find. Can anyone help please?
Can I get a reduction from the council if I do the right to buy scheme thingy, don't know much about it to be honest
I need to find away of paying of my rent arrears can any help me
I'm trying to log into my moat but it's not allowing me to. I also tried to get a email for me to reset password and after hours of waiting still nothing had appeared.
Can you drill into the external wall of a house which has got what looks like Polystyrene on the brickwork.
How long should I expect to wait for someone to answer the phone on a Sunday been waiting 1/2 an hour now
Do I have to get permission for a conservatory?
How much does it cost me for you take a bed away for me
AM trying to find a flat in Maidstone near KIM'S hospital
I am a cbh tennent can i aplay to go on mote housen
I tied to email on info at Moat and it does not work so I posted it on customer service thank you I still not happy
does moat ever read the reviews on google cos if they did they wouldn't just take the money and any repairs that are needed would be fixed if I knew they would be this bad I would never have bought my flat please any one reading this give moat a mis
Do most give any free week rent as this never shows on my satament thank you
Does anybody else living in a Moat Association House have what looks like Polystyrene covering the external brickwork of their house.
What area do you cover
If I got a text message saying I have been nominated for a property dose it mean I'm being offered it
What is the best fixings for wall fittings on the property on stoke on trent property
3 weeks without a lift, second time this year. I live on the 7th floor and suffer from lung cancer. My little boy 12, we have lost home delivery option. What are we meant to do. ..been ringing MOATS but no explanation is given
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:59 am

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