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Ben Foster 9 months ago on Google
( 2 out of 5 )

All professional when lending, then I had problems with the car itself. No support at all. Had to deal with it myself. So bare that I mind when borrowing of these guys.

Lawrence Lonnie Brown 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Been on hold for 40 mins plus every day this week. I work shifts so difficult to find time to contact them. I’ve actually had to take the afternoon off today just to make a phone call to moneybarn.
Guess what. . . Currently on hold . .

David Madden 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

I’ve been moneybarn customer for 4 years now I can honestly say I’ve found them brilliant to deal with always helpful very easy to chat to when I need to .im hoping they will exsept me again for finance when I look for new car 🚗. …

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I found Moneybarn the best service ever I had many turn downs to buy a nice new car even as I earn good money they gave me 14 grand which I was amazed so always make sure they get paid back first still after years of service always helpful

very helpful people and great to deal with .. highly recommended..

My car is paid early next year. I now require a small run about. Can I get finance for this. Never missed a payment?
Can you help iv got car on finance had it for year paying 230 month nouther 4 years having propkems know paying on it can I return the car how does it work its 014 plate thr reg is lf14lu0
I find Moneybarn are a joke they say if u get stuck on a payment phone and we will help you phone and all they say is we will reposes ya car no help what so ever so I will not recommend this company are give it a good review ever such a joke.
I have been on the phone everyday to get my car sorted as I got the car from BEST CARS PRICE SOUTHAMPTON but still no respond from moneybarn complaint team.
do you do payment holiday
Is there any phone number to call moneybarn If i am outside UK?
Do you even answer the phone?
Hi everyone .what if someone wants to make full payment in early,interest rate works momthly basis or have to have pay the whole agreement amount ?
how much have i paid so far for car off karl smith of blackpool
Do they let you have holidays from paying your loan back when money is tight if so how many per year. Thankyou.
What happens if you have covid
Moneybarn are a complete joke especially when your supplied with an email for the remarekting team and it bounces back saying its does not exisit and the phone number is a waste of time as it the customer services and not the remarketing team
Hello I did apply for car via money and I have met all requirements , is been five days now not heard anything. Help me please
what is the vehicle age criteria on finance
How long for money barn to payout to the car dealership?
Do you get accepted for the finance by moneybarn if you have been refused by other companies and if you have stable credit score?
to my phone calls and I taken matter to financial ombudsman which they rule on my favour but yet still money barn don't want to respect the rulings none their agreement now the car is parked up for nearly 11 months... I don't know what
This people MoneyBarn gave me a financial on a car, From where I picked the car up to my address is 127 miles, The next day I want to have a drive the car as soon as I started it all fault lights comes up, alarm everywhere and I call the garage
HEY Everybody i have been trying to sign my e-document, and i get half way through it and fail at the 3 digit security code, as I cannot see my 3 digit code as my card is so old, any suggestions ?? I am not sure how to do it manually, help please
Hi does anyone know how long it is for money barn to payout the car dealership.
Hi Is it true that you dont have a phone number for complaints?
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