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John De Coteau 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Over six months of us experiencing leakes from above flats where its the adjacent flat to the flat directly above ours being the source of the leaks, which is damaging both the flat above and ours and the communal hallway, and Network Homes …

Alex Loveless 9 months ago on Google
( 2 out of 5 )

Live in another network property across the road and bedevilled with broken down lifts, water and heat, lack of maintenance for past 7 years. Pay ground rent and ever increasing service charge for what exactly ? Staff are nice but mgt seems shambolic

Louise Darbon 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Network homes is awful never takes liability for anything and have to fight for a long time to get any kind of repairs the people you speak to act like they want to help you telling you they will call you back and never do my flat was …

Network Housing Group Limited FAQs

Sharon Campbell who is her senior please?

Dunno but she is absolutely incompetent

NOTworking Homes is NOTworking. Appointment are not met. No phone call or text or email. Disgusting bottom of the pit services. No one is running this joke slumlords.
Is network housing closed on a Tuesday
Can I pay my rent by phone
Why have you stopped using the ALLPAY RENT CARD ? Or do you now have another rent card.As for the 1 star it was the highest I could give.Given how rude your staff are on the phone.
How to complain
Hi my name is tracey price and me and my partner is homeless can you help us
I hear mice behind my wall everyday. I live on the 4th floor of a new build 13 storey development. Can NH do any more to stop mice entering my property from the rest of the building?
I live in Harlesden rd. NW10 and in Doyle Gardens ,there are some garages , I'm desperate for some storage space ,who can I contact regarding those garages?
Can I get help fill a from in from the DWP
Can I get help fill in a form
Do network provide a scheme to pick up large waste for their residents
There is another place moving with coack rotches was visiting my son when going to bed in evening pulled back covers bloody 3 coack rotche in bed and they have 6 year old can you not do nothing apart from sticky mats
I have been waiting for a new lounge heater for almost a year can you please tell me when I am going to get one hopefully before this winter .
I was given a property and it has Damp, and mice. Please advice
how the network housing works?
Worst service ever
Why can't I use the number? Its not 5pm so why dies it say how you're now close? And the opening house you state over the phone is 8-6pm Monday to Friday and its only 4:40 pm on Friday.
can you please kindly change my first name to read as follows Shaukatali this is the correct spelling and not Shoukatali this is incorrect just change o to a
why can not I see my published message here?
Has network 2 house property To offer for 4 bedroom
Does Network homes manage Wayside Court HA9?
What are the criterias when applying for right to buy housing ass0ciation property
I lost my rent payment card, can I order replacement online? Zahra
Hi i just viewed the flat for rent...Flat 7, 9 Ward Lane. E9. Need to know if shortlisted. Thanks.
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:57 am

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