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Ray Taylor 8 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Very helpful.

Jack Money 8 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Awful service

Jody Willis 8 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Dreadful. Tried phoning from 1pm til 4pm, engaged constantly

Newcastle District Probate Registry FAQs

They never used to be like that it has only been since the possible new probate charges... Blame the Government, Newcastle office and staff are superb, I suggest a physical walk in. You want bad go to London, these people are absolute Gems in Newcastle

Why no one is answering the phone. I was trying to contact since September. I sent a few e- mail messages - no reply. To whom i should write or call to get any information?
My brother will not give me a copy of our mams probate grant. He did not show me anything financial documents belinging to her. Can I request a copy myself and will they show all her finances. Thank you
Why don't you answer the bloody phone?
How long does it to get a grant of probate back?
How long after granting probate, must an executor hold assets before distributing to beneficiaries?
Hi,How long is probate taking at the moment, my solicitors sent in on the 9th Nov 2020. Thanks
I have been trying for weeks to speak to anyone at the Newcastle probate office, but the line is constantly engaged, even when your help line is closed, which implies the line has just been set to busy regardless!
Why has the Probate Registry only sent me Office Copies and not the Grant with Will and Codicil? I personally applied and obtained the Grant and am the sole Executrix. I can't get through on the phone either. That is an absolute disgrace.
Have tried repeatedly to get through on the phone but to no avail. Without grant of probate we cannot exchange on my mothers property which has held up entire chain of 4 sales for 2 months now. Will and paperwork very clear and simple . Anyone ???
I have been trying to phone as well. I suppose there are not nearly as many staff as they need. So, Can I just go in, without an appointment, and get all the ifo, and forms I need?
I applied for probate PA1 at the beginning of May. Last week I received the tax calculation. The house is sold so how long do we wait to receive the papers to apply for the grant? Thanks
I have sent in my forms for Probate I am the executor of the will. I have found out after there is some money in bonds which I did not know about, they are not on the form. when I know how much, do I wait for Probate and then inform the Tax Office
Why was the codicil not shown in my Probate copy request from the governments web site
We have forwarded oath and requested documents to Newcastle which were returned asking for a solicitor and executor signature on back of will. However the original will is now lodged in Ipswich and the solicitor has refused to sign a copy. What next
How do I find out if my mams will has been registered for probate?
How do I make an appointment
Can I hand deliver my probate application
Do I need to make an appointment to accompany a witness to sign an affidavit for a Grant of Representation for the will of my deceased mother please? The phone line is continuously engaged.
I have been ringing constantly for over a week now to find the engaged tone every time. Are these phones off the hook? Does anyone have another number to use?
What happens when deceased has a will?
We sent our Probate in Last NOVEMBER . It was forwarded on from Oxford. We have phoned the tax people and they tell us that theIHT421 was sent to Oxford but they did not forward it on to Newcastle. Newcastle now have the form . Still no grant.
whats a best way to reach newcastle probate office ? phone or email ? as phone call take hours of wait ? is walk in to office makes some difference ?
Why are calls just ending before they ring disgracefull
8 weeks is up can I ring any office about application
I am half way through a probate application and have hit a problem with them getting in touch with the other executors by email and mobile. How do I get help or should I start a new application and wait another eight weeks?
what is the name of the district registrar at newcastle probate office. the government want me to put their full name on a form but my form only gives a facisimile signature and no name underneath.
How long should Probate take, when the paperwork has been done by a Pribate Solicitor?? Newcastle office received all paperwok in Feb. Mother died June 9 2019. It is now a year since she passsed! When can we expect to hear from Newcastle??
Where do i send my PROBATE CAVEAT form too Newcastle registry?
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