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Octopus Energy Ltd 1 Upper James Street Soho London W1F 9DE

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Sultan Hale 7 months ago on Google
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Octopus Energy FAQs

what is rate for kwh for gas and electricity

Why not ask them direct?

do you use the warm home discount service ?
I am about to change my energy supplier. My friend tells me that if she recommends and I choose Octopus, we each would get a cash incentive. Is this true?
Do Octopus contact my current supplier if I switch to them. How do they know who to contact
I currently have a smart meter [Landis & Gyr E470] installed by my current energy supplier British Gas. I am interested in switching to Octopus as my supplier. Can Octopus take over the smart meter or would I then revert to meter readings?
Why does Octopus not respond to 6 No. e-mails when they are wrong
what is my rate per kwh
I need connection for my gas and electric how do i approach octopus
Can anybody tell me how long it has taken them them to switch from their old supplier to Octopus? I have been waiting for three months to get an invoice and for my credit balance to be transferred from Avro. Meter readings apparently not sufficient.
i am still paying my avro monthly d.d when will i be paying my octopus d.d and how much will it be
can i get winter werther disscont
Can I use Hive with Octopus?
do your prices include VAT or is that added onto your quoted prices
I am thinking of switching to you, but have an old sytle smets1 meter. How long will a Smets2 meter take to install?
Im a new customer: my customers number: A-CA7E0DE4 I have been asked to send my last meter reading but I'm having trouble as the app is not responding no account.
I have 4 meters, 3 are small business how can I talk to Octopus to see if they take small business, cannot find a phone number
How do I refer a friend?
With my current supplier I read the meter once a month and submit the reading to their website. How does the octopus system operate?
Last night I thought I'd signed up to a new account with Octopus but have had no reply. Did you really mean I had to reply within 2 minutes? I gave my bank details and worry without a reply. Hope you will answer soon.
what is your IP address
tariffs from 1/4/2023
what is the current rate for electricity?
My gas meter is giving out a loud tone -what should I do ?
Hi Guys, I am on a prepayment meter for my Elec with EDF, would like to switch both Gas and Elec, what advantage is there for me regards Elec? am a single low user for both. Regards Alan.
hi im on a 12 month contract i think with you how do i renew another 12 month contract again
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