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Have the council just passed a climate lock down starting 2024 which will restrict your movements around the city, this is from the World Economic Forum.look on their websight

No they haven't.

What day are the bins being emptied in Headington this week
How do i get renewed parking permits
What is the chance of a bed for the..homeless
How can I get a renew bus for a disabled woman?
I have a recliner chair that needs to be thrown out..would the council pick it up for me
There is a sign post on the front of my property and I want to renovate the front wall? Who do I approach regarding this please?
ihave one bedroom flat how can I get two bedroom flat as I'm married and I have baby on the way?
Who is responsible for cleaning out house gutters?
A delivery van reversed using our drive as our cul de sac was stuffed with parked cars (he wasn't delivering to us). His van went over the manhole cover and broke it. The cover fell into the hole. where do we find a replacement?
Do you need a permit to metal detect or mudlark along the waterways in Oxford as is the policy in London and if so how do you get hold of one?
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