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Jamie Davies 9 months ago on Google
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Alex Woodrow 9 months ago on Google
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Unbelievably useless and corrupt.

Michael Davies 9 months ago on Google
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Luka dog Michael Davies

Pembrokeshire County Council FAQs

What are the rules and regulations regarding rear garden fencing, in respect of the height of the fencing.? When is it classed as an eye sore ?

I believe it to be a max hieght of six feet and always the best side facing out

What are the regulations if any about erecting a garden shed?
Do the council charge to pick up white good s e.g. fridge freezer
Are you allowed to burn garden waste in your garden?
Is it possible to order more orange bags from the council?
Will binmen take christmas tree with recycling
How to report fly tipping? I leave around Barn Close in Haverfordwest and every week someone dumps their waste under cover of darkness in a car park area. This than is dragged around by animals or spread by wind. What can be done to stop that?
How do I apply for an over 60's bus pass?
Where can I get the green garden waste bags that the council collect
Are schools closed tomorrow as it has started snowing,if so please respond so I don't have to walk to school and get there and find out its closed.
I'm abroad. Before I went i tried to contact Ian Davies by email at the PCC tax department but I haven't had a reply from him. It appears that he has left the County Council. I can't access my PCC account from abroad. What can I do?
I live in the national park. My conservatory has reached end of life and need to be replaced. Can I use a warm roof instead of glass without making a planning application?
have there been any compulsory purchases of local property in recent years
How do I book a slot for council tips.
How do i get a new food waste bin? Mines gone missing?
How much do the brown bins cost
When are the school holidays in 2019???
How and where do I look up the history of my cottage
How do I find out who my councillor is?
Can I burn paper in a bin in my garden?
I notice that cartons of milk, fruit juice, etc, carry the 'Recycle' symbol and the notation 'Widely recycled'. Does PCC now accept such cartons in orange bags for recycling, please?
If I put shredded paper in an orange bag then where do I place...... paper box or grey bag
How do I change the name of our house? Do I have to inform the council?
Does anyone know of a scheme which collects digital devices, removes all data, ensures they are in working order and then delivers them to people in need?
Is there a passport interview office there if so please reply with an answer.
The council empty all glass box in Fernhill merlins bridge but They did not empty mine and it was full
Green waste collection
How do I get a glass waste box
There is a rumour that the Council have put 2,500 adders in Goodwick Moor because they are an endangered species. Is this true?
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