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Christopher Bugg 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Hiya I think everything is good seemed to sort everything out quickly

Stuart Johnson 7 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

found it difficult to sign the agreement. it asked you to put in there reference number in what was on the top right of there letter and it kept saying wrong ref no. yet it was the ref no they give me, tried it a few times. give up and then got an email saying thank you all signed. by the way i did put in the correct ref no.

Salman N khan 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I merely setup a direct debit with you to pay for my select care pack for my lease vehicle, and you did a hard search on my credit profile that I was untold about ! Decreasing my credit score, thanks to premium finance i think this is a …

Premium Credit FAQs

What is premium credit

We provide finance to customers to pay for insurance premiums, school fees, membership fees, season tickets and more.

Please can you send my mony beack.This is the fraudulent activity.
Why have you come up on my bank statement as a direct debit iv never heard of you or taken anything out with you iv been in tou h with my bank and iv cancelled you b4 you take any money from me
I am paying for home insurance. Can I cancel my policy?
Annual statement? I don't pay anything to such people and what for? About to report them to my bank as a physhing scam as I don't want to open the email.
Why would it be be showing on my credit report I have an active loan with PCL when I don't. I have never heard of you or used you. I have emailed twice to no reply.
my husband has recently passed away so i cancelled any direct debits what is this premium credit for
I don't know who these people are ?? Money goes out every ??
who are you and why are you taking money out of my account
I have an agreement to sign on email, can I have it on paper through the post.
How do I change my car insurance to an other car a I got a new one and I want to put a new car on my insurance
How do I report scam/fraud that is obvious from a letter I have received form Goskippy keep getting the run around and being told to ring other numbers to find I am 46th in queue. obviously a useless company
can i get a quote for car insurance
How can I get in touch with this company by email
I don't have any type of insurances yet there is money going out of my account to these people why?
If i needed to cancel my insurance, would i just pay an outing fee?
Do you work on behalf of meadfleet plc
Why are you taking money out of my account with my permission Can any one please help me
Hello I can see that some one opened loan in our company on my name??? How this is possible?
I have received a credit agreement from premium credit but have not taken any policy out with them ? What should i do ? They are going to charge me if i dont send a signed agreement back
I would like to know why you show as a hard search on my credit report when I have never searched you or looked for credit!!!!! It damages my credit score and you have managed to do this amazes me!
How much does it cost to add a named driver to my policy
How much money can I lend
Is my payment made from my SMILE Account and can I change it to my M & S Bank
How can i get in touch with premium credit
how do i speak with someone
Can you send me an invoice thanks Justin D978821M01
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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