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Rob T 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Absolutely disgusting !! After ringing 111 yesterday night when are baby had a fluctuating high temperatures of nearly 40 and being very sleep , they advised us to go to the hospital so they booked the appointment. When we got their we was …

Barbara Kenya 4 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Very professional staff, pleasant, dedicated, and helpful. Amazing Nursing team, very clean, and just the place to get the best care. They are thorough, patient, and keep you informed in the most positive and palatable manner, they are also …

Oana Cazacu-Arion 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Ladies going to A&E with miscarriage, please document everything and take photos of all the files printed and signed on the day, because they send you home empty-handed. …

Princess Royal University Hospital FAQs

Is a&e busy at princess royal

Usually especially on a Friday and Saturday night .

where is urgent care facility at bruh
How to apply for a GP?
Is there Aircon in AE
Do you have a patient name Peter W Dibben
Do they have private beds?
How can I by email request my late sons medical records from the corner
How good are they for liver transplant
Is viiting now allowed at the hospital? If not why not ?
what time does giving blood opengivingt he blood
How can I contact the Emergency Assessment ward where my mother was taken on 03/05/21. My family have not been able to speak to anyone regarding her condition for the past two days. She is 97 and we are very worried.
How can my mother in law return mobility aids she no longer needs?
Does this hospital have an eating disorder ward
What time does outpatience open
Has the hospital have a dental department
The orpheus centre I am looking forward for excited my flat well coming up from half team I am wish i want see you all you need me of course my friends excited see me in my flat you want okay you need wish for what say about David's flat
Where is the closest entrance for the chartwell ward and can I park close to it?
Hii I received job offer letter from this hospital. How can i trust them...
Times to get a blood test
Can I reach may through A&E?
What does princess trust specialise in
I need a medical certificate for my husband who was in Princess Royal Hospital from 29th March until 14th May .Who can provide this please ?
Are,all second vaccination appointments cancelled
That Orpheus centre is Apollo class brilliant working maybe ask what going on
How many bed is surgical 3 ward
Have you got the eye clinic phone number please
Hi what dose it mean when u have been move to a day surgery unit
Is the hospital closed because of Flu
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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