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Romano Carneletto 6 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

This is a small 33m heated pool in the middle of Putney. It’s easy to book. However, you need to bring your own padlock for the locker.

Mark McPartland 6 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

We hired out the big hall for our sons birthday. Having an indoor bouncy castle is genius!
Would have been nice however to be able to hook into their sound system as well. Have since seen others allowed to so guess it just depends who is supervising that day.

Jonathan Thompson 6 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

There are far too many people being let into the pool – 14 in one lane makes a relaxing or energetic swim impossible- lots of standing at the end waiting for a clear spot to swim in. The management seem unwilling to listen or even observe this stupidity, clearly just coasting along. Useless

Putney Leisure Centre FAQs

Do they ever answer the phone? !


Why is this the pool open more for private sessions ie private lessons / aquarobics/ than general swims is it a public swimming baths or a private health club for the elite
Is there car parking at Putney leisure centre?
Is this open on bank holidays?
When does the swimming pool open on wednesdays
Is it open as normal
How much do u have to pay
Hi I just want to know at what time is going to open for little one's swimming pool today
What age can you go swimming by your self
I have membership card in Putney leisure centre for long time. I lost all my stuff such as swimming and gym in gym changing room , unfortunately there is nobody take response. I'd like to what can I do please?
Did they change the course timetable from October to November? Is BODYpump still on Tuesday at 7.30 pm? Thank you
What are the women only days?
?here is a connection fee! What is this false information on the site?
Today 18th August 2021. Is the centre now back to normal after the coroner virus lock down? Do we have to book a place for using the swimming pools and diving pool. Or can we just turn up use them when opened.
Hi l am on Universal Credit which is part from the unemployment. Can l have discount to make Memberships in Putney Leisure Centrel. Many thanks
Hello, I would like to know why every Wednesday evening during Zumba class there are always men walking around in the room fixing whatever. Not only is disruptive, but also uncomfortable for everyone as they stop and stare at us dancing.
What days are swimming pools open
Is there a kids diving course in summer holidays
Does it have steam room and sauna?
Do they have swimming facilities for wheelchair users?
Is my membership before lock down valid or do I have to start the process again. I'm keen to start asap
when will it open in covid
Do u have to book
Hi, is the sauna and steam available
Is the swimming pool open today
Are the diving boards open today?
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