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john mather 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Spent over 4 Hrs. in the last week trying to get through to physio to book an appointment following nerve test all to no avail about to give up. More NHS money wasted on test that go nowhere and I’m still suffering

C0nquestor 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Cool place!! Love the design and how it looks!!

Alison McGarvey 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Our dad Danny was taken in by Ambulance on the December 20. He was taken to ward 6 x and was in there until he passed on the February 21. In this time every single person who worked on the ward Nurses/Care …

Royal Liverpool University Hospital FAQs

Can you tell me the visiting hrs please

2-4 pm and 6-8 pm. Outside these times arw ok on some wards and if you are there to help a relative with feeding at mealtimes etc.

What bus do I get from town to the Royal hospital please? And when bus depot is it?
Were is about the restaurant in the hospital please???
Car parking at the hospital
Are there any job vacancies? I am a registered nurse currently living in the Philippines and willing to live in UK with my partner. Thank you.
Can I communicate with you at the hospital?
Where is the R clinic?
Are you allowed to send flowers to patients in GI ward?
Where is Ward 11z
How close is the train stastion to the hospital please
Can you take flowers in to hospital
Is the pharmacy open on bank holidays thanks in advance x
Where is A&E at the royal hospital liverpool?
Where can I park near the new Royal Hospital? I have been regularly since opening + know that buses 7,8,9,10,16, 18 from Queens Sq stop just below the old Royal, next stop walk round the top. Only hourly 61 and 79c stop near other entrance
Where do I go for outpatients 3
Whitch hospital has dermatology clinic?
Were to park at the royal
Is it far from grand central halls john moores?
How do I fo about getting appointment for gum? Been ring allll day, no one wants to answer the phone
How is car parking situation ?
Hi, can anyone tell me if Catholic Mass is still held at 4pm on a Sunday, in the hospital chapel? Thankyou
Dr. Karen Peter work is here?
What is the mcas clinic please
Do you have Dr Andrew Simon and can I please see his photo
Is there a maternity unit there for women.
How many of you have Tinitis like me ? My noise is like being in a wind tunnel . I have had Tinitis for 40 years but the NHS seem to think it is not a problem. Have any of you with Tinitis been ignored by the NHS ?Add your name for compensation ?
Can I organise a wheel chair at the taxi drop off point at the hospital for my cousin who has extreme difficulty in walking? I can then take him through to St Paul's Eye Clinic.
Do you hav homoeopathic Dr
Contact number for hospital transport (car) please?
(Translated by Google) Is there a doctor named Simon Jimmy here? (Original) Apakah disini ada dokter yang bernama simon jimmy
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:57 am

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