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Queen Victoria Road Newcastle Upon Tyne Sunderland NE1 4LP

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Gemma Robson 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

I gave birth to my baby boy here 11 weeks ago he was stillborn unfortunately this obviously makes the midwives jobs a lot harder and they deserve so much more for dealing with these things every day the staff tried whatever they could to …

Nicholas Ireland 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

I am about to be discharged at the end of a nine day stay for colon removal, at which this hospital is a respected centre with outstanding specialists. I had three face to face meetings with the consultant involved, and two with the …

Victoria 2021 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

One star for one particular staff at Reception of A&E for children, not professional at all. Sent a child to adult window (why did he do that no one knows) and of course was sent back to join the long queue again. And another staff tried to …

Royal Victoria Infirmary FAQs

Can I get an appointment with Dr Mario lucas the senior Cardiologist by 23 March 2021

Only if you have a De lorien

Where can I park a motorhome overnight close to the hospital
I have come into possession of the RVI Heath Medal awarded in 1938 to Nurse Phyllis Wears. Can you tell me how I could find out more about this?
How do I register for my GP at the hospital? And what am I to bring along?
what time is vising time hours
Is there any help with transport to and from the rvi
Can I get a bus from Stockton high street direct to RVI hospital
What visiting is allowed on ward 43
Are there restrictions on visiting if family member is dying
what bus can i get from Newcastle Station up to Queen Victoria Hospital.What rd is it from pls
Do they take a tooth out
Where is ward 48
What is clinic e at the rvi
Can i know about the best heart surgeon of your hospital.
What type of operation requires pre OP checks / preparation
how do I get into the portal to see my husband on laptop
Can you pay by card at the multi-storey car park?
Can you visit people in hospital or go to canteen for a coffee
can i do appointment online
Where can i park disabled people
(Translated by Google) Does Dr. Michacl Anthony come in every day (Original) Apakah dr Michacl Anthony setiap hari masuk
Are carers permitted to stay when their charge is in day surgery,and how do I organise a carers pack?
I am a Bsc nursig holder Can i get chance to assist the hospital
Can I get an appointment with Dr.Mario Lucas, Senior Cardiologist by 23 March 2022
Can I get an appointment from Dr. MARIO LUCAS, Cardiologist by 24 March 2021
In royal Victoria Dr Davies felix is there Pls can u help to give his no.
Where about is the eye clinic
What are the rules on visitors for RVI newcaste hospital when you give birth? How long can a visitor come to see you and baby for?
My husband was in the rvi on ward 43,he was having seizures in the brain,which caused him to have a high level of confusion,he came out just over 5 weeks ago.if I think it is happening again can i him to the a& e at the rvi take hi
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