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mathew howard 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Can you even call this a hospital. Dont care about anybody well being or needs. You have to chase them to get anything.. Cannot get hold of anyone to see results Don’t receive letters when supposed to.get moved around with no answers. This hospital need investigating.

Rev Ricky B. 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Ward 17 staff looked after me this week with smiles, compassion and comfort. By far the best ward I have stayed on at this hospital.

Richard Hann 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Based on today the Dr who removed a splinter from my heel was calm professional and had a good sense of humour, taking time and patience to remove all of the pieces, couldn’t fault him.

Scunthorpe General Hospital FAQs

Can you pay for car parking on line


What are the visiting hours on a Saturday? Thanks
if you are registered for disabled parking at grimsby does it cover scunthorp as well
How do you get to the endoscopy unit at scunthorpe hospital
What is the best entrance to go to for the urology department?
what is the location of the ulorogy dept in scunthorpe
where is the path lab in the hospital
Where is the x ray department please
What number bus from angerstine Rd to the hospital.
Park and ride which car park do you use
Is ghere a direct phone number for xray dept
Why is the park and ride on the top 2 floors of multi storey? All those steps? Is there a lift that i missed? Why not just put a ticket in with the appointment letter?
What time does the pathology open
Can you do walk in xray on a Saturday
Where is the best entrance for ward two
How much is parking at the hospital
Do I go through the a& e entrance to get to the x ray department
Which entrance do i use for physiotherapy please
What are your visiting times please,thank you.
Does anyone have the extension number for the ophthalmology department please in Scunthorpe
What rate are one room apartment within the city
Can flowers be delivered during covid
Does Scunthorpe hospital give you a packed lunch if you've got to go to another hospital for tests
I am trying to find out about how to become a Health Care Assistant at the hospital, I have been looking for months now I don`t have any experience, I hope someone might be able to help me.
(Translated by Google) I would like an appointment, I don't know the language and how can I register with a family doctor (Original) A? dori o programare nu cunosc limba ?i cum pot proceda s? m? inscriu la un medic de familie
What are the opening hours for Scunthorpe hospital x-ray department
What is the current waiting time for hip operations after signing consent form
Do children have to pay for the tv in the Disney ward?
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