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Lode Lane Solihull West Midlands B91 2JL

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Robert Perks 4 months ago on Google
( 2 out of 5 )

Arrived early for my appointment (20 mins) but 1hr 30 mins after my appointment time still waiting. Staff very friendly and helpful and kept apologising for the wait. Maybe I was just unlucky that day. Great staff and felt sorry for them having to apologise to everyone for the delays in there appointments.

Sharon wood 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Dreadful service. Been into minor injuries with a dog bite needing a tetanus. Told to dial 111 so I did. 111 said to go to Aand EWithin the hour suggested heartlands. Solihull is minor injuries so they agreed made sense. Rude woman on desk treated me like an inconvenience and suggested they were too busy.

j s 4 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Ward 14 you rock….I was there today for a biopsy.From the Staff on the ward the two Anesthetic Girls (who were a knockout)post op, to the Consultant,they all looked after me up and beyond….I was straight back on my feet which is …

Solihull Hospital FAQs

What time open for blood test

Can u have a blood test on a Sunday

Does Solihull hospital carry out blood tests on saturday
what hours is x-ray open
good morning, do you have a Fracture clinic at this hospital??
Excuse me, anyone know where the urology treatment center of solihull hospital locate? Thanks.
What time is visiting
Does anyone have the number for the pharmacy at solihull hospital please
What time Open for blood test
Is there a walk centre
what time does xray dept open
Do you have an a&e dept?
Hello Is A@E opened or still Thanks
Why have I been asked to attend this hospital on the 10th august 2022
How do you exit free of charge with a blue badge.. no indication on what to do. Barrier does not rise unless paid up .. so we paid.
Has the rehab center got a ward number
Anyone used there maternity unit and what was your experience.
Can I get an X-ray at this hospital?
Can you visit relatives at this hospital
Where is the pcr test centre
Why has my husband reived phone call to tell him about go into hospital to morrow For operation only he dont know weather is not
Does Solihull hospital do blood tests on Saturdays
Is Solihull Hospital Pathology open on Sunday
What time does Solihull hospital pharmacy open please
what is the location of Solihull Elective Screening Unit in the hospital?
Are you allowed to visit
Where is North entrance
What time does dermatology close today please
Bed capacity of the hospital?
Is this right
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