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Council Offices St Peters Hill Grantham NG31 6PZ

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Bin collection ng317pd new years eve

Bin collections

My black bin should have been collected from Tudor Close, Thurlby, PE10 0QJ last Saturday. This has not happened. Should I take it in or will they still be coming. Thanks.
Which Party is running Grantham Council
what is you e,mail address
Can you get council bin bags from the council in grantham
I have two mattresses outside front of house.How I get somebody to take them away?How I get that help?.
In our residential area there are building work going on from 7am till sometimes 9pm and all the weekend, is this legal if not who do I complain to? Thanks
Can I get a neighbouring tree cut down if it is hanging over in my garden and is blocking the sun from coming into my home. It must be around 30 ft high and had never been cut back since I moved into my property 18 years ago
When does the new council rent year begin?
Are old do you have to be to get a oap bus pass in grantham
housing dept officers working from home ever return calls. An actual visit was made to your office very recently and was told in there phone number is on the wall... left a message for you to call a mobile and land line number SILENCE
When does the assisted grass cutting in Grantham finish for this year 2022?
What did the Council think it was doing accepting the statue of Thatcher? If you raise a statue of an infamous harridan, rather than a famous heroine, you leave yourself open to anger and ridicule!
Can you wash your car out side your driveway and you owe the home
how can I get rid of a wasp nest in my roof?
How do I email environmental issues
Good afternoon, can i arrange if its possible ? collection of an old mattress please and is there a cost my pos t code is PE100QN 5 Quayside Bourne. Regards Mike woods
Who should I contact about a large tree outside my house on Manthorpe Rd, which is in need of pruning - large branches are threatening to come down on the pavement? Grateful for your guidance. Best wishes, David Evans
how many acres is south kesteven
I am looking for retirement village living between Grantham and Nottingham and am told that there is such a village. Do you have a listing of developments in this area. ?
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