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I'm fed up of ringing the soft play and no one answers the phone 3rd time this has happened there reason for not answering is they only 1 person answering calls which is wrong so now I have to walk there just to get answer how stupid

Yes, they are terrible like that. It happened to me as well, could not get through to get gym info, so in the end joined another. For such a busy place you would at least expect 2 members of staff on busy days.

Are there even any staff here??????? Tried calling hundreds of times over days and days and no 1 ever answers the phone. Embarrassing really!!!!
Is there a steam room ?
Are there lockers in the Better Extreme trampolining area? Where can I leave belongings if I am going?
Do you have walking netball?
Does it have a swimming pool?
What is age limit to gym please?
How to book online
Hi i was wondering if they have creche to leace the kids on it
How much does it cost per month
Where are you based i leave near st helier hospital
Is there parking at Sutton Trampoline Park?
Good afternoon, i have some passes, but no expiry dates are they still valid?
Whats the age rating for a junior gym membership?
I've been calling the Sutton sports Village party department And no one is answering Or replying to my email enquiries. Does anyone Know how to actually get hold Of a member of Staff please? Many thanks.
Pilates classes for over 50
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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