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Unit A Brook Park East, Shirebrook, NG20 8RY

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Maurice Mendoza 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Absolute chaos with not enough staff. The staff that are there are rude and lack customer service skills

Jatin Patel 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

This store has very bad service. The manager will make up lies to not refund or exchange. Staff are not able to give names??? We are living in the 21st century and this store operates with such bas service and attitude.

Ahbab Alhusain 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I am extremely disappointed at the behaviour and attitude of staff, especially the manager Sammy, he is racist and has no sense of management, I’m not sure how he became a manager, he is the most disrespectful manager I’ve seen, told me to leave the shop hahahaha, deserves to get sued!

Sports Direct FAQs

do you ever answer the phone ?


why do you answer the phone then not speak and put it straight down ignorant
why cant i seem to get through to anyone ?? ring ring ring where's my money i returned a item and no refund ??
I am trying to talk to a human about an order that I Can ask when it comes
No toilet for shopper
Does anyone know if you can you spend Sports Direct Gift Cards here???
Do you sell football pumps?
I am wondering if this site and address is a scam?
Are prices lower than standard stores.
do you have jack wills section please.
I bought a pair size 9 Lonsdale trainers ( black and white Camden Slip )and they're are too tight. can i swap them for a size 9.5. I have checked on the webb site and you have them in stock. Do I send them back to Unit B Shirebrook
Why do you not answer how do you expect customers to sort there're problems out if you don't answer the phone not very good customer service you are quit happy to take our money
What is the point displaying a telephone number if no body answer it. Ringing all day almost 10 times but no luck.
can i reserve on line for collection in store at a later date.
Is there a public toilet here?
Do they do tshirt printing in store or just online orders?
Hello, what's the shop called inside where it makes souls for shoes to you feet?
How do you contact this store when they never answer the phone or there emails??? Paid for items in the online store and got half of an order!! But yet invoice says I received everything?? Absolute ridiculous!!
Are there toilets?
what is the point of a telephone if no one answers it
Can i exchange an item in your Mansfield store that i bought at Shirebrook store it would save me an 16 mile round trip.
Why is it so hard to contact with an issue but really easy to spend money
I hae placed an confirmation reciieved. Payment in the pending in the bank. . No answer after counless phone calls. does anyone acually eer get an answer.
How does one get o sort a prolem . No one answers he phone.
what is the point of a telephone if no one answers it.
what is the point of a telephone if no one answers it i have tried ringing every number i can to get to sports direct you are faster Knuth to take the money from us but when we need help from you after your group sends out wrong order .
What is wrong??? they block my chat window,no contact with costumers service nobody pick up phone they don't respect costumers...wrong size my shoes I order 44 I got 44.5 that is joke with me I don't make mistake so why I have to pay for shipping
Do you stock tents at the Shirebrook outlet
Hi can i buy a cage of 990s
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:57 am

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Monday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Friday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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