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33 Leicester Road Market Harborough Leicestershire LE16 7BN

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Is there free parking?

Yes there is!

What are the visiting times
What time visiting times
What are the visiting hours
Can I get an X-Ray at St Luke's On Saturday, 1st Jan 2020
I feel I have a water infection can I turn up with a sample it is Sunday
Hi, I'm confused about where to go for walk-in services. The NHS search engine says Market Harborough Medical Centre at 67 Coventry Road, but the CCG website says St Luke's Treatment Centre on Leicester Road. Can anyone tell me which is correct?
Do they do blood tests ?
Can I just turn up for blood test if I have a form for it from LGH
Can we go to walk in centre now. Think my son a broken his foot
Can I get something to eat
Does this hospital do EOL/Respite care?
Is there a cafe at St lukes to wait for a patient?
Is visiting time on Saturday just till 7pm or is it later
Can I walk in without an appointment
what is visiting the visiting times
Please could you tell me your visiting hours? Many thanks
My GP said to self refer on your website for podiatry. How do I do this?
Can I just walk in to this hospital. Had a fall and might need an X-ray on foot.
what parking is available and what is the charge
Hi. Please can you tell me where the mammogram mobile unit is situated at the hospital? Never been before. Thanks
please, How can get an email to contact st luks hospital leicester?
Is xray open Saturday
I have received a physio appointment for the 30th October for Instructor Beth Ellul which I dont need as I am currently attending Physio help at The Leisure Centre Harborough . Please cancel the appointment . Geoff Gypps 01 05 19447 LE8 8TU
Can I return crutches
Just needed to have your phone number to see if a friend has been admitted. Her name is Eileen Statham. Thanks.
What are the visiting hours
Can I walk in for an x-ray
When are visiting times.? can I phone up .
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