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Henning Fietze 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Media education is very important here!

Jens Lescau 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Great place for creative people.

Mr. Miet 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Very good staff, with professional equipment and the experience to implement my art correctly!!! Very good!!!

Tide FAQs

Please I need to access my money this is really unacceptable to be locked out for 48 hours, as a bank you cannot be trusted . How do I access my money and close the account. Your support just gives automated replies no personal or helpful responses

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties accessing your account. Rest assured that such pauses and blocks of accounts happen only to protect the security of our members' accounts and to comply with industry regulations. We hope our members understand that when it comes to security, we don't take any chances, it's one of our main priorities as a digitally banking service. You can read more on this article here - www.tide.co/blog/tide-update/why-we-pause-and-block-accounts/. Should you require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Member Support team in-app and they will be happy to help you out.

Why have no phone number - why are you freezing accounts and then pretending you are sorting it out by asking the same questions which are answered over and over again - have you gone bust - do I need to contact gocardless ?
Why is it so impossible to get a reply from tide. This is the second occasion in 3 months they have been holding my money, while informing me they did not have it. When trying to resolve an issue, there is no one to talk to and you only receive unhe
This seems to be a running trend with your bank. You have blocked payments which have disrupted my business & you dont even have a helpline to call to get it fixed!? absolutely ridiculous conduct.
My account has been blocked for five days now. I need access to my funds!! can someone please get back to me!!
My question is the same. My account is suspended and I have emailed you many times over the past 3 days and no response. I too need access to my money.
I have an account and see the acc. no. and sort code on the app. screen. I do not have a physical card. When making a payment it is common for businesses to request the expiry date and CVC. Should these be available ?
Is it possible to take money out without card but with ID
Hello, i had someone paid monies in my account since 13:00hrs and its now 21:00hrs still not reflecting in my tide account, they have been advised that the money has left their accounts. Has any one encountered this before ?
you've set me up with a new account that I didn't ask for and now I cannot access my regular account. How can I speak to an advisor to sort this out immediately please?
You have unlawfullly locked my account. Have you gone bust ? Ceased trading ? March 13 2021 query
Hi we are struggling to send any money from our account and it is blocking all payments. Unable to speak to anyone on the phone. Little concerning as only contact is via app messages but currently speaking to someone so hoping this issue gets sorted
Hi, what is this tide bank is ? How this is being operated and completely nightmare. Transaction blocked and then only chat is the option and got to know 24 hrs will take to checked security .. what security ? Urgently need assistance
can i pay a cheque into the post office with my tide business account card
I can only get a bbl from you are you opening it up again.
How do I transfer money out
How do I change pin number
Does anyone know what's going on at tide??
How do I setup a new phone with my tide account, it keeps asking me to sign up a new account, thanks
Why are you abusing your position by refusing service to Triggernometry? Digraceful.
Can you advise the best method for pointing out to everyone that you are a scam bank?
Why did you cancell the Triggerometry account?
Please, I have been waiting for 72 hours to have access to my account and be able to pay my bills, I urgently need access to my money, this is unacceptable, truly as a bank you cannot be trusted since you put clients at risk of affecting credit
I have been trying to close my bank account for months and your messeges are not coming thru why does somebody just call me this is a big joke bank
Will this bank be monitoring my political views?
If you cannot access your account and all thing go through it, What happens? Please kindly explain.
Where can i call the bank
I'm locked out of my account for no reason - cannot contact them them and they wont answer chat??
why am being locked out of my account again? I have wages to pay !!!!!
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