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Sale Point 126-150 Washway Road Sale M33 6AG

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Trafford Housing Trust Limited FAQs

Who do I complain to re a house reeking of cannabis.

Your housing officer.

Who does heating for THT
do trafford council replace light bulbs and do they charge you for doing it
There are some garages at the back of old meadow lane in hale. The path to access those garages and green space is public path or privately owned by Trafford housing trusts?
Is there any help that I could get with rent and removel van
Where do I get the green food waste bags from please
How to get on housing list
Where can I get green food waste bags
If you decide to end your tenancy can you change your mind?
Who owns the land where osprey, falcon, raven and eagle use to stand?
Who owns the land where Raven, Osprey, Falcon and Eagle use to stand?
L&q are slum landlords I live in one of their properties major rising damp mould windows are rotten take ages to get repairs done use inept contractors who don't know what they are doing
Open fronted Recycling sheds have been built outside the main door entrances to the flats at Ingleby Court. They are mounted on concrete slabs. They are an eye sore, spoils the whole look of the Court, which now looks like a recycling depot.
I call trafford at 7am and told them the socket is smoking and everything is of its now 11,12am and still know one has come ? This is a joke and unacceptable
What constitutes to an emergency call out ? My wall is smoldering from a plug socket i have 3 kids on half term my freezers off as the electric has cut it's self of though no heating to i
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