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Eltham John 9 months ago on Google
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Extremely helpful

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Found perfectly for me

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Tunbridge Wells Borough Council FAQs

is there an office in tunbridge wells where i can pay a parking fine

You can pay fines at the Amelia Scott. Believe they only taken payment with debit/credit cards.

When is the energy rebate going to be paid to the eligible households? It was supposed to be by the end of April
What months do you take the council tax by direct debit
How do I recycle shredded computer paper
why were our bins not emptied on Wednesday
I live in a block of four flats. One flat has its own set of bins. The other three share four bins, two for household waste, one for plastic bottles and tins, one for paper and card. What happens with this new set up? the end of September
How much do refuse collectors earn
Where is the best place to dispose of a quantity of liquid items found in my father in law's garage eg paint stripper, paint etc
Can i have my ashes put where my mum is buried. In southborough
How do I dispose of my freezer
who do i report a diseased tree to?
when was Mayfield court Garlinge Rd Southborough built
Why have we changed parking app supplier? Did the council not check the dreadful reviews before changing company? I have been unable to register after several attempts.
Some one has told us you have a facility for disabled people who have been charged vat on items that should have been exempt to recover the vat
Cannot get through on phone. How do I get a copy of my PCN from 16/8/22 at 14.24 in Linden Park Tunbridge Wells I would pay it but the number was over-stamped by the Council Information and I have now lost it. Help
Can you please explain why the switchboard operator has cut me off three times. I have asked for extension 4434 on each occasion. This is not what I expcect from my Local Authority P R W, Council Tax payer !
Is removal of old tech items to be recycled for charity as long as we comply with site rules. If not please let me know as may need to place back into recycling
How long do I have to wait for the council tax rebate to go into my bank as I'm really struggling pls help
My Brown bin has lost one of its black hinges. How do I get it repaired o sent a replacement hinge screw?
Do visitors cars have to be logged in on Bank Holidays, or are such days exempt, like weekends?
Is the household waste site open
Why is there no provision for the homeless
How do I go about a house transfer into the council area?
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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