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Optima …

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Unicef UK FAQs

where can i donate cloths and boots

Hi there! Unicef doesn't actually accept physical items as they can't send stuff overseas. Maybe see if there's a charity shop near you that could take them?

Do you have a member named Sylvia
Does all the money go to the causes that you advertise??
How is it there What do you do Hi You can do that for a while
I am moving abroad and want to stop my DD how do I get in touch? They don't pick up the phone it is4.34 Wednesday afternoon Regina
Can I setup a monthly subscription please
How do I change my direct debit
Do you really really need to spend such amount of money in an office like that...to help childrens? Do you want to explain everybody why? That office, those trendy photos...this looks a Benetton shop.... This is not OK.
What is your charity number
Can I have some advice about being kind and helping people
Can we face time workers there if kids have an issue or wanna help?
Does all the money donated to Unicef go to the needy? Is donations taxed?
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