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Lower Maudlin Street Bristol Avon BS1 2LY

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Jola J 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )


Jack 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

What you would expect. Ok wait times when you have an appointment.

Tony Allen 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Friendly, professional, punctual and caring – couldn’t be better; why go private when you can get this quality of care?

University Of Bristol Dental Hospital FAQs

Do i need any documents and is the treatment free? I need a tooth removed asap

I am seriously in pain

Can i just turn up sat as have ragin toothache
Did you do emergency treatment
Do I need an appointment to see a dentist
Can I get fixed dentures
Can i seek treatment for desquamtive gingivitis at this institute?
Can I turn up at the Dental hospital on Tuesday for them to have them sort out two back teeth thank you
Can I still have surgery if I have an abcess
can i get free treatment i am 73 years old and have no money for treatment i think i need 3 fillings dental
Need new bottom denture. I'm in no pain can I go in and be seen?
Can I just turn up to dental hospital Early on a Tues and be seen as I have very bad toothache ,I do not have a dentist
Do you do root canal work? My NHS dentist won't do it, as they say they don't have the equipment and they recommend I go private.
A crown has come off, the tooth beneath is sensitive. Can Someone at the dental hospital stick the crown back on until I can get it attended to properly
Do I need a referal to have remaining teeth removed and dentures fitted?. Cannot afford practice dentist fees.
Can you please let me know if they do fillings.
I've had a tooth out on last Tuesday but still in really bad pain up all night with pain can you tell me what to do next please
do they do teeth crowns for free?
If I don't pay for prescriptions would i have to pay for dental treatment?
I have no dentist and my tooth is really hurting for the last couple of days and it's hard to eat, do I need to ring first or just go down to the dental hospital?
what is the cost of an extracton
Hi my son has just had his brace fitted a few days ago and two pieces have come off next app is in a month if I just turned up tomorrow would they see him and fix thankyou
Hi my name is mr brian hawkins I need help I am in so much pain can.t drink or eat much can.t sleep taking pain killers nothing is working thank you mr hawkins
Am unemployed, & have a tooth falling apart and in serious pain constantly. Can I get it removed for free.
How long is the waiting time for referral?
I have a very loose back tooth. I'm in pain I can't get in contact with my dentist. I am a nhs patient. Would I be able to come in to have the tooth removed.
Hii I am from India...Can u tell me if there's any Dental Doctor Named Dr Akash Patil origin in India? Thanks
Can you just walk in on a saturday
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