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Priory Road, EdgbastonBirminghamWest MidlandsB5 7UG

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Miss J 1 year ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I contacted maternity triage regarding my situation and I am truthfully disgusted by their behaviour. Their patient care does not exsit it is shocking to wonder how they became midwives. I will be lodging a formal complaint.

David Morris 1 year ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

It’s known as one of the worst hospitals in England for a reason. My wife is 39 weeks pregnant,she was feeling unwell and they told her to go in. They sat us on a plastic chair in a random hallway for over 7 hours. In the end we got up and …

Bear 73 1 year ago on Google
( 3 out of 5 )

First off, I have the utmost respect for our emergency services and NHS. I they have very difficult jobs most of the time thankless. But and it’s a big but. Quite a few of the staff at The Manor I have found really aren’t bothered. A few …

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust FAQs

When there is a virus outbreak what is the ward that has the infections and has patients on the ward whats the cleaning policy and who monitors this of a night where standards can slip

Wards are closed to new admissions. Patients who have infections will not be moved across the hospital usually. They have side rooms to isolate them. Infection control team and microbiology team deal with all the arrangements

Walsall Manor Hospital is a bad place especially in the general wards they don't look after the patients its disgusting and apoorling they never treated my dad with any good standards at all ' dad was a sick man for a long period of time he became I'
Where is the nearest car park to AMCU please
How do i find out what ward some one is on
Where is the place to find someone who has been sectioned
What time does walk in centre open
why does no one answer the telephone in the Audiology Dept ? been ringing all morning and no one answers!
is the charity shop in out patience open and is there a number for them?
What time do they open weekends
Are we allowed to visits a friend who is confine at the moment on walsall manor hospital recently she was admitted as an A n E patient.
Where is endoscopy suite at walsall hospital
Please tell me one things?
How do I find out when someone died
route 005 , do enter through the main entrance?Can my wife accompany me, going for a x.ray?
Where is general surgery appt in manor hospital plz?
Is there an office where you can get advice regarding what your financial status is
What is the extention number for physio
Is there someone I could speak to someone about parking in wrong carpark??
Can I give blood at a hospital
is visiting restrictive today 27 March
Why are nurses who are exposed to all sorts . being blunt boderlyFluids . & allowed to go home in uniform, the manor hospital is a good hospital but must have better standards.
Will the car park be accessible this am?
Where is route 126
what is the main switchboard phone number
Thank goodness ??
Are car parking charges in force August 6th 2020?
Are the walk in ENT clinics for hearing aid problems back to normal now 31.07.2020
What the Point of have a phone number that dont work
Where is route 142
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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